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How to Make a Cereal Box Pencil Case

How to Make a Cereal Box Pencil Case

Cereal Box Pencil Case

I feel a bit sad today that summer break has come to an end. Today is the first day of school in our county, and it seems we return to school a little sooner than most places. Yesterday Mom and I threw my nieces and some of their friends a last day of summer party complete with pizza, ice cream and movie. It was fun way to relish the final hours of summer break.

To help you and your kids get ready for back to school, I thought I would share how to make this neat cereal box pencil case. It’s an inexpensive and fun project that I think you will love. A printable template is included. I love back to school crafts!

Cereal Box Pencil Case Tutorial with Template

What you will need

• Empty Cereal Box
• Printable Template (link below)
• Scissors
• Pencil
• Scotch tape
• Adhesive hook & loop tape (Velcro)
• Ruler
• Scoring tool (butter knife, paper clip, something to make a crisp edge)


Open a cereal box or other food box and the seams and flatten it out.

Cereal Box Pencil Case

Cut out this Printable Pencil Case Template and place it on top of the flattened box. Trace, and cut it out.

Cereal Box Pencil Case

With a pencil, mark the score lines on the cereal box where they are indicated on the template, score, and fold. OR, you can just place the template right on top of the cut out box and score the box right through the paper. Run your scoring tool right along those lines, and then fold.

Cereal Box Pencil Case

Fold the pencil case right along those score lines to form box. Tuck the bottom tab inside the bottom of the case and tape into place with a small piece of clear tape. Then place tape along the long side of the case.

Cereal Box Pencil Case with Template

Attach the self-adhesive hook and loop fastener to the top flap on the inside of the case. Fold it down so that the other side of hook and loop tape attaches to the front of the case.

Cereal Box Pencil Case Tutorial with Template

This case holds 12 pencils.

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