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Clarisonic Alpha Fit for Men #ClearlyClarisonic

Clarisonic Alpha Fit for Men #ClearlyClarisonic

Clarisonic Alpha Fit for Men

Does the guy in your life work hard and play hard? Chances are his skin could use a little TLC. Men’s skincare needs are different than those of women. The Clarisonic Alpha Fit Cleansing System is engineered especially for guys, to cleanse away dirt, oil, sweat and other impurities on men’s thicker skin. With the holiday season just around the corner, I think this is the perfect fit for the special man in your life. I am so glad to partner with Clarisonic to share the Alpha Fit Men’s Facial Cleansing System with you.

The new Alpha Fit Men’s Facial Cleansing System is pretty unique — it’s perfectly designed with two settings for both baby-smooth and bearded faces, and the ergonomics have been completely re-worked to fit in the palm of his hand. It leaves skin feeling healthier, with a smoother complexion that’s ready for a close shave, and skin that’s less prone to shaving nicks or razor bumps.

Clarisonic Alpha Fit for Men

My brother, Nate, inherited the same problem skin that I have. Although on the surface he seems like a “let me just slap some soap and water on my face” kind of guy, I knew he would be interested in giving the Clarisonic Alpha Fit Cleansing System a try. After all, the Alpha Fit by Clarisonic is said to cleanse and remove oil, sweat and dirt 6x better than the old soap and hands method.

Nate is prone to oily skin and razor bumps. In a short time, he has seen real improvement in his skin with fewer breakouts. It’s easy to use and a much better clean. My brother is a fantastic dad and husband who works very hard. I’m so glad I got to gift him this phenomenal facial cleansing system.

Clarisonic Alpha Fit for Men

“The Clarisonic Alpha Fit is engineered to get men’s skin cleaner and healthier looking – clearing away dirt, sweat and oil. Alpha Fit cleanses 6x better than hands alone while prepping face and neck for a closer, smoother shave.” —

The Alpha Fit by Clarisonic was clinically tested and the results were amazing:

100% of men felt their skin was cleaner, more comfortable and smoother
Over 90% of men experienced less shaving nick, razor bumps and a closer shave
Over 90% of men with beards felt a cleaner softer and more comfortable beard

I also want to point out that the Alpha Fit by Clarisonic is both rechargeable and waterproof. It also comes with a 2 year warranty covering any manufacturer defect-related problems resulting from everyday use of the product.

Clarisonic Alpha Fit for Men

The Alpha Fit works perfectly with Alpha Cleanse by Clarisonic, to help clean, energize and exfoliate men’s skin. The sulfate-free, foaming gel cleanser is formulated with a combination of fruit acids, caffeine, ginseng, and aloe for smoother, softer skin.


I have a limited number of promotional coupons for the the first 100 shoppers who use code ABOUTAMOM20 between now and November 15, 2015, will receive 20% off your Clarisonic device purchase at Clarisonic.

Is there a man in your life who could use and Alpha Fit?

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  • I’d really like my husband to start taking care of his skin….maybe if I won he’d actually start. Thanks for this opportunity!

  • I agree Men’s skincare is absolutely different from what we do & the Clarisonic Alpha Fit Cleansing System is something very new for me. But I love that it helps to clean & energize Men’s skin & I would love to get this one for my husband.

  • I really like this. Many men don’t spend as much time that they need to caring for their skin. This would make it a bit easier.

  • I know so many people who swear by the Clarisonic! Now I can get one for my son. He would really use this product. This is a nice gift!

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