Clean Like a Mother with Method All Purpose Cleaner


Method All Purpose Cleaner

I’d like to know… what’s your messiest situation? Is it sticky fingers, lunch time, or the never ending build up of clutter? When it comes to dirty messes, most kids are pros which means us moms have to be professional cleaners. Moms know that keeping our homes clean is much more than just being neat and tidy. Having a clean house, and using the right cleaning products will help keep harmful bacteria and germs at bay, and keep our families healthy. I prefer to use non-toxic cleaners to clean up my family’s messes. So when it comes to keeping things clean, I guess you could say that I clean like a mother by using Method All Purpose Cleaner.

Method is in business to change business. Their challenge is to make sure that every product they send out into the world is a little agent of environmental change, using safe and sustainable materials, manufactured responsibly. And that also means no animal testing.

Method All Purpose Cleaner

When it comes down to it, Method is here to make products that work, for you and for the planet. Ones that are as easy on the eyes as they are on the nose. It’s a tall order, but they wouldn’t want to do anything else.

Put the Hurt on Dirt, without Harsh Chemicals

•Cutting-edge Powergreen technology gives you safe, effective cleaning for all surfaces. The non-toxic, naturally-derived formula, extracted from corn and coconut, cuts through grease and grime, leaving behind nothing but a fresh scent and gleaming surfaces.

Method All Purpose Cleaner spray is available in a 28 oz. bottle and retails for around $3.99. It comes in a variety of fresh fragrances, including Clementine, Cucumber, French Lavender and Pink Grapefruit. You can also find two additional fragrances exclusively at natural food stores (such as Whole Foods Market), which are White Rosemary and Ginger Yuzu.

•Method All Purpose Cleaner comes in bottles made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and are recyclable

Kids must have a radar for a freshly cleaned surface. Doesn’t it seem that as soon as you wipe down a dirty counter or wall, there’s another sticky handprint in its place? When my son was younger, it seemed like I was always running behind him with wipes and paper towels. So, what’s in your arsenal to combat these sticky situations? Try a bottle of Method All Purpose Cleaner, by using the special coupon offer below.

Special Coupon Offer
When you purchase Method’s all-purpose cleaner through, use the coupon code APCBLOG at the checkout to receive $1.00 off your online order.

* Thanks to Method for sponsoring today’s discussion.

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