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Cookies for Dinner: A Book Review

Cookies for Dinner: A Book Review

Author: Pam Johnson-Bennett and Kae Allen
Review: I have fallen a bit behind on my reading lately and was so happy to pick up a book that I truly enjoyed reading. Cookies for Dinner is a series of essays, sharing the joys and pitfalls of motherhood from the perspective of two very different, but good friends. I really enjoyed reading about their mommy mishaps and it was nice to know that I am not

alone on the insane journey of motherhood. My emotions went from laughter to tears in my eyes as I read each story.

I love how Pam points out in the beginning of the book that Cookies for Dinner is by no means a guide to proper motherhood, but if you are seeking reassurance that there are other mothers out there who feel just as crazy and over-whelmed as you, then it’s the book for you.
Have you ever considered the poop capacity of a car seat or hosed your child off in the yard, while he was still in the car seat? Well Kae has and her recounting of these events is hysterical!
I seriously almost peed myself reading about Pam’s daughter Gracie pointing to a platter of pigs and blankets, at a family gathering, and exclaiming “Mommy, that looks like Jack’s penis. There are so many penises on that dish.” At that moment Pam wished she had taken Kae’s advice and taught Gracie that her brother had a fire hose.
Pam’s son Jack has also done his part to embarrass his mom, announcing “Ooh Mommy, that person made a big stinky” in a public restroom. It made me recall some of the embarrassing moments my own son has put me in.
Kae so cleverly figured out she could get son Matthew to eat by telling him that he was eating cookies for dinner, when it was really chicken and dumplings. I wish I had thought to use this clever deception myself.
About the Authors
Johnson-Bennett and Allen are good friends but total opposites in their parenting styles. Despite their differences though, these mothers have both ended up on the same roller coaster ride of diapers, tantrums, separation anxiety, misbehaving husbands, sleep deprivation and what the heck to name private body parts.
Pam Johnson-Bennett is the country’s most well-known cat behavior expert and best-selling author of seven books, including the ground-breaking Think Like a Cat (Penguin Books), Hiss and Tell (Penguin Books), Starting from Scratch (Penguin Books), Cat vs Cat (Penguin Books) and Psycho Kitty (Ten Speed Press). She is a frequent guest on television and radio and has been the recipient of numerous awards. Her parenting skills, however, are still in question. Kae Allen owns an accounting firm and is a first-time author. She has a razor sharp sense of humor and has raised three kids who, so far, haven’t required therapy. She also throws a mean bowling ball.
Whether you are a young mother, experienced mom, mom-to-be, empty nester, grandparent, or still on the fence about becoming a mother, everyone can relate to Cookies for Dinner. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who will be, is now, has been, or never wants to be called… mom.

Disclosure: About A Mom received a copy of this book to review for our honest opinion. All thoughts are 100% our own. 

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