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Cough and Cold Survival Kit to Get You Through the Winter

Cough and Cold Survival Kit to Get You Through the Winter

Cough and Cold Survival Kit

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Cough and Cold Survival Kit

It started shortly before the holiday season. Slowly but surely it seemed like everyone I knew was hit with a cold, the flu, or strep throat. My own family included. It’s been a rough season for a lot of people. Having a sore throat is miserable enough, but add to that a hacking cough that keeps you awake at night, and it’s almost too much to bare. It’s important to be prepared for when a cold, flu or strep throat strikes your family.

With this cough and cold survival kit, my family is prepared for coughing, sneezing and whatever comes next. The kit is perfect for keeping bedside, when you are feeling under the weather.

Cough and Cold Survival Kit:

Include a bottle or two of water. Staying hydrated is so important when you are sick, so be sure to have plenty of water or other clear beverages on hand.

Add some tissues for runny noses and chapped lip balm, since lips tend to get very dried out when you have a cold.

Chloraseptic® Sore Throat Lozenges which are perfect for stopping a nasty cough in it’s tracks. The lozenges have a soothing liquid center, provides fast-acting relief for sore throat and mouth pain and our Total product cools the nasal passages as well.

Chloraseptic Cough and Cold Survival Kit

Chloraseptic® Sore Throat Sprays to ease sore throat and mouth pain on contact. The sprays come in a variety of flavors including Cherry, Warming Honey Lemon, Grape made just for kids and Max Wild Berry with a target sprayer.

When you are not feeling well, 30 minutes can seem like an eternity, as you wait for OTC pain products to kick in. Why wait for other OTC pain products to take effect? Chloraseptic® products work on contact delivering sore throat pain relief where you and your family need it most.

Did you know that Chloraseptic® is the No. 1 pharmacist-recommended sore throat relief brand* for the whole family? (*Lozenges tied for #1)

Parenting doesn’t stop when you have a cold, so it’s good to know that Chloraseptic® products provide the relief you need to let you get back to being a parent. If you wan’t to make your own cough and cold survival kit, here’s a $1 Chloraseptic® Coupon for you to use! You might also find this Cold & Flu Tracker to be helpful, if you are wondering just how close the flu is to hitting your home.


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