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Couponing Can Teach Children Math Skills and More

Couponing Can Teach Children Math Skills and More

couponing can teach children math skills and more

I am by no means an extreme couponer, but I have learned that using coupons saves my family money. Sometimes, a lot of money. I’ve also figured out how to effectively use coupons without spending too much time on it. Involving the whole family is one way to do just that. Using coupons serves a double duty by saving those hard earned dollars and as a valuable teaching tool for the kids. Couponing can teach children math skills and more. As a parent, I am always looking for ways to turn every day life experiences into a teaching opportunity. There are many lessons to be taught by the act of couponing.

couponing can teach children math skills and more

Is it time to rid your binder of expired coupons? Turn it into a simple lesson of time management by having your child locate the expiration date on the calendar and count how many days are left to use the coupon.

For younger children, the act of cutting coupons will help your child develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Simple math skills can be taught by gathering your spare coins and having your child count out the coins to total the amount of savings on a coupon. If your child is older, have them locate items in your store circular and calculate the total cost of the product, after the the coupon. You can also put those multiplication skills to the test, if your store doubles or triples coupons.

Couponing requires some degree of organization. Having your child help sort and file away coupons is a great way to teach organization. They can even help make up the shopping list and organize the coupons according to your store layout, which will also teach time management.

Teach number comparison by having your child figure out the best deal. To do this, figure out the price of an item after coupons and see whether it’s cheaper than any other brand for that same item.

Using coupons is a segue into a lesson on budgeting. Explain how using coupons helps you keep within a food budget and how the money you save with coupons can be applied toward another need.

Couponing with kids is a great way to show them the value of money and learn math, along with other skills.

Do you involve your children in couponing?

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  • I really love this idea! I shared it on my post! I’m already thinking of how I can do this with my almost 5 year old to make math fun and introduce the concept of money – on his level.
    Thanks!! Good one!

  • Ok so being an avid couponer this is definately my topic! Raising 6 sons and teaching them to coupon with me was a blast, they learned the value of money along with adding and subtracting not to mention how to shop.
    While cutting the coupons and learning to match the coupons with the sales as they got older was not their favorite thing they still pushed through it like troopers and allthough some of them are now grown they still coupon.

  • this is such a cute idea! im not a couponer and my kids are only 7 months and 2 years…so i have a little while until they can help, but i am hoping i remember this so that i can include them when they are old enough!

  • i just started myself. i never thought to involve my kids. when they are old enough i will definitely recruit them!

  • I absolutely love the idea of couponing tied in with math. I’m working on creating a project on this for my site right now. I love the concepts that were presented here. Everybody loves a deal, but not everybody really gets a deal. It’s vital skill to have.

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