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Cricket Wireless Savings for the Whole Family #SwitchForSmiles

Cricket Wireless Savings for the Whole Family #SwitchForSmiles

Cricket Wireless Savings for the Whole Family

This blog post is part of a paid Megan Media and Cricket Wireless blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.

Last month my daughter, Angela, shared that she is now a Cricket Wireless ambassador. Guess what? I am too! We will both be sharing how Cricket Wireless fits our lifestyle. Cricket is a different kind of carrier with plans that fit every lifestyle and budget. We also have some incredible offers and Cricket Wireless savings for the whole family that we’ll be sharing with you over the coming months.

First, I want to tell you about the new Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime cell phone that Cricket sent me. It’s one of the many smartphones available when you switch to Cricket Wireless. It wasn’t so long ago that I was still using a flip phone (shhhh, don’t tell anyone!). Technology has changed this grandma — in a very good way.

Cricket Wireless Savings for the Whole Family

With a 5-inch screen, this phone is plenty large without being too big. I have lots of other stuff that needs to be crammed into my purse, so I don’t need my smartphone taking up too much space. This phone has a 5mp front-facing camera that takes wonderful pictures. The pics in this post of me at the park and in the store were taken with my daughter’s Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. It’s a very good phone. So far, I have no complaints.

Cricket Wireless Savings for the Whole Family

When it comes to wireless use, my daughter and I are polar opposites. Angela is a heavy user — glued to her smartphone whenever we are away from home, always checking her social media and email.

I’m on the other end of the spectrum. I’ll make a call or two in the afternoon while we are at the park. I’m occasionally guilty of using my phone for stalking my grandchildren on Facebook to see what they are up to. How else would I find out that my services are needed in the cheering section at Friday night’s ball game? While shopping, I am sure to check my shopping list, which is saved in a Google Doc.

Cricket Wireless Savings for the Whole Family

Mostly my cell phone is for peace of mind. Knowing that my wireless carrier has coverage I can count on is a really big deal. You never know when your cell phone could become your lifeline.

Cricket Wireless has more 4G LTE coverage nationwide than T-Mobile or Sprint.* That’s something you can count on when you live outside of the city limits like I do. Check out the Cricket Wireless coverage for your own area.

Cricket Wireless Savings for the Whole Family

Making the switch to Cricket is so affordable!

Whether you’re a heavy data user like my daughter or someone like me who makes the occasional phone call, you don’t want to overpay for your cell phone service. That’s where Cricket Wireless comes in. You can get smartphones at low prices when you switch to Cricket. Like your current phone? You may be able to bring it to the Cricket network, saving you the cost of a new device altogether. That’s something you don’t see everyday. Check here to see if your phone is compatible.

If you’re looking to change your device, Cricket is also offering select 4G LTE smartphones as low as $19.99 when you switch! To get this deal, it does require porting your number to a new qualified plan and the minimum plan requirement is $40 a month. See offer details below.

No surprises or hidden fees with Cricket’s plans

Cricket also offers honest, transparent pricing when it comes to their monthly plans. Finding the right plan is simple, thanks to well-designed rate options to help you simplify your buying experience. You’ll not only avoid confusion when you select your plan, you’ll also avoid confusion when you get your bill. Unlike other carriers, Cricket’s plan pricing includes monthly taxes and fees, making it easy to budget your monthly expenses.

Visiting Mexico or Canada?

With summer fast approaching, I know a lot of you will be taking family vacations. My family’s summer is already shaping up to be jam-packed with fun trips. Planning a trip to Mexico or Canada? With a $50/mo. or $60/mo. rate plan, you can take your Cricket phone with you to Mexico or Canada and use it like a local for calls and texts, as long as the majority of your monthly calls and texts are in the U.S. I’ll have to remember this when I go on my next cruise to Mexico! See details below.

Save even more when you add family members

Would you believe there are even more ways to save with Cricket? Group Save allows you to save up to $100 per month just for adding new phone lines. Most families have more than one line, so when considering a switch to Cricket, check out how much you can save when you bring the whole family along. This is perfect for a large family with teens, like mine.  Learn more about the group save discount.

Visit Cricket Wireless online to shop and save (accessories, cell phones and more!)

Connect with Cricket Wireless: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

*4G LTE not avail. everywhere.

4G LTE Smartphones for $19.99: Only valid on LG Risio & ZTE Overture 2, while supplies last. New lines of service. Tax & first month svc charge due at sale. Excludes ports from AT&T. Activation Fee: Up to $25/line. Other fees, charges & restrictions apply. Restocking Fee: $25. Pricing, terms & restr’s subject to change and may be modified, or terminated at any time without notice. Coverage & svc not avail. everywhere. See store for details.

Mexico & Canada: Incl. unlimited calling/texting w/in & between U.S. Mexico and Canada. Also incl. use of high-speed data allotment from your plan while traveling in Mexico & Canada. Actual data speeds vary by device and location. Min. 50% U.S. usage requirement must be met on each of voice, text and data usage (incl. domestic use) or service may be terminated. Roaming svc not guaranteed, ltd. coverage in select markets outside the U.S. Other restrictions apply. Subject to Cricket International Terms & Conditions.

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