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Crock Pot Air Freshener

Crock Pot Air Freshener

As promised, here is another unique and handy use for your crock pot. Getting rid of lingering food odors is a constant challenge for home cooks. This easy crock pot air freshener is a great odor neutralizer.

crock pot air freshener

Crock Pot Recipe

A little dipper works great for this, but my standard size crock pot was handy so that’s what I used.

You will need water (I used probably 4-5 cups) and baking soda (about 1 heaping tbsp per cup of water). You can use just baking soda and water to absorb odors. Optionally, add one of the following ingredients for an air freshener.

  • a few drops of essential oil
  • sliced lemon (on this occasion I only had bottled lemon on hand and it worked fine)
  • cinnamon stick
  • ground cinnamon and/or cloves
  • a few tsp of vanilla extract

Once you have added your ingredients, put crock pot on low setting with the lid off. Let the crock pot go to work absorbing all those unwanted odors. Leave the crock pot turned on all day to achieve maximum benefit.

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Do you have any unique crock pot recipes to share?

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