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Crock Pot Crayons

Crock Pot Crayons

Crock Pot Crayons

I hope you have enjoyed all the unique crock pot uses and crock pot crafts I have shared with you this week. Making crock pot crayons is a great way to recycle those bits and pieces of broken crayons you have around the house, to create something fun and new. For this project you will want to use a small crock pot, 1 quart or less. I don’t recommend doing this project with young children, as the crayons will be hot when melted.

Materials Needed:

small crock pot (1qt or less)
small plastic ladles
used crayons
plastic or silicone molds with various shapes (candy molds, mini muffin or small ice cube molds work fine)
pot holders
paper towels

1. Sort crayons by color. Remove paper and break into pieces, one inch or smaller.
2. Cover bottom of crock pot with like colored crayons or a multi-color assortment, approximately one inch deep.
3. Turn crock pot onto low setting and allow crayons to melt for approximately 30 minutes. Wait 20 minutes before you stir and check periodically to see if completely melted.
4. Use ladles to carefully pour melted crayon into molds.
5. Cool crayons in freezer for approximately 10 minutes.
6. Turn cool crayons out of molds.

Tip: Crock pot and ladles are easier to clean with a paper towel, while still warm.

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