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Dinner is Easy with Hello Fresh

Dinner is Easy with Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh Chicken with Mushrooms

When Hello Fresh asked if I was interested in trying their subscription meal-kit delivery service, they didn’t have to ask me twice. I had already heard some really great things about Hello Fresh and was eager to check it out for myself. I received a complementary box containing all the fresh ingredients needed to create three delicious meals: Balsamic Steak with Garlic Zucchini, Chicken with Mushrooms, and Pasta with Snap Peas, Basil and Spinach.

Hello Fresh Ingredients for Chicken with Mushrooms
{Ingredients for Chicken with Mushrooms}

Since I live in a very rural area, I typically only make it to the grocery store once per week which makes it a bit difficult to always have fresh ingredients in the house. Often I make the mistake of purchasing too much fresh produce and some of it goes to waste. For this reason in particular, the idea of Hello Fresh really appeals to me. I think it would also be great for busy professionals who don’t always have time to shop or anyone really who has limited time or is concerned about waste. If you are nervous about experimenting in the kitchen, this is a great way to get your feet wet. Hello Fresh sends you the exact ingredients to prepare each recipe, along with a large recipe card that has beautiful pictures, step by step instructions, and nutrition information.

Hello Fresh Recipe Card

My Hello Fresh cooler box arrived icy cold packed with the meats, vegetables and other ingredients needed to prepare three delicious meals. The package I received contained three meals for two, with the box value of $69. Hello Fresh also offers a variety of family sizes and vegetarian options.

Hello Fresh Chicken with Mushrooms

Meal One: Chicken with Mushrooms

This meal was so delicious and was my favorite of the three meals. All of the ingredients cooked up in one pan, giving it a complexity of flavor. There were two very hearty portions, but I also added a side of creamed spinach to the meal.

Hello Fresh Balsamic Steak with Garlic Zucchini

Meal Two: Balsamic Steak with Garlic Zucchini

The flavor of this dish was off the charts! After following the recipe, this steak turned out perfectly and was so tender. The balsamic steak was well matched with the garlicy zucchini.

Hello Fresh Pasta with Snap Peas Basil and Spinach

Meal Three: Pasta with Snap Peas, Basil and Spinach

I was so glad that my box contained a vegetarian meal. While I enjoy eating meat, I limit it to a few times per week. I really enjoyed the freshness, creamy sauce, and textures of this pasta dish. The recipe served up two very generous portions of pasta.

The aim of Hello Fresh is to get everyone away from unhealthy takeout, empty fridges, expensive restaurants, and back into the kitchen – cooking, eating healthy and spending quality time with your family. With exact ingredients, you can avoid messes, waste, and trips to the grocery store. Do I think they’ve achieved this? You betcha!

Do you want to try Hello Fresh for yourself?

The box containing three meals, like the one I received has a value starting at $69 a week and will feed two hungry people. Visit Hello Fresh online and use disccount code SBTNRZK to receive $30 savings off your first box. That’s a great deal!

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