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Disaster Preparedness for Pets: Are Your Pets Prepared for Hurricanes?

Disaster Preparedness for Pets: Are Your Pets Prepared for Hurricanes?

Recently, I had an opportunity to interview Dr. Dick Green who is the ASPCA Director of Disaster Response. Dr. Green was kind enough to share with me some of what the ASPCA does for pets in the event of a natural disaster, as well as discuss what pet owners can do themselves to prepare their pets for Hurricanes and other natural disasters. Hurricane season is in full swing, so you’ll definitely want watch the video and read on if you live in a coastal area.

Disaster Preparedness for Pets

Pets often become helpless victims when disaster strikes. Many are left behind and forced to fend for themselves in devastating conditions. Last year alone, the U.S. has experienced a record number of natural disasters that destroyed communities and cost lives.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ~ Anatole France

A recent national research study by the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) revealed that more than one-third of cat and dog owners don’t have a disaster preparedness plan in place. From tornadoes to flash flooding, disasters come in many forms and they may require anything from a brief absence from your home to a mandatory evacuation.

Disaster Preparedness for Pets

Do your pets have an Evac-Pack?
An Evac-Pack should include everything your pet might need, for up to 7 days. Some things to include are canned or dry food, bottled water, medications, first-aid kit for pets, vet and shot records, and more. You’ll also want to be sure that your pet is micro-chipped and current on vaccinations. Visit the ASPCA Disaster Preparedness page for additional information and a complete list of suggested supplies.

About Dr. Dick Green
Dr. Dick Green is the director of Disaster Response for the ASPCA’s Field Investigations and Response team. In his role, Dr. Green is responsible for leading the efforts of the Disaster Response department, which covers natural and man-made disasters as well as large and small animal rescue operations. He also oversees the ASPCA’s internal disaster readiness program and develops partnerships with national and local agencies to enhance the organization’s disaster response capabilities. He is a veteran in disaster recovery and response and managed the animal rescue and relief efforts of more than 20 domestic and international responses in 2011.

Are your pets prepared for Hurricanes?

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  • Oh, that poor dog in the picture sitting in the street. I just want to go hug him! I do not live in an area that gets Hurricanes, however we do get tornando’s. I will look into the Evac-Pack!

  • I think a lot of people forget about pets when it comes to disaster preparedness! It’s a good topic to highlight, because they definitely need a different set of supplies and some extra thought. I will have to remind my in-laws to make sure they add a pack for their pup!

  • No hurricanes in my state so no not prepared for one…Tornadoes are more of an issue around here. Since my cats’ food is in the basement it’s right where we’d be if one hit so sorta prepared I guess.

  • Wow – such great info! Luckily I don’t live in a hurricane area, and sadly don’t have a pet, but great things to know in case my circumstances change.

  • I do have a ASPCA window decal for my dog but I don’t have Evac-Pack prepared. I guess because we don’t live in a disaster area and do not have to many natural disasters I never gave it a thought. We have had a few mild hurricanes in our area and it could happen. It’s such a great idea I guess I better do that this week. Thanks for sharing this with your readers.

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