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DIY Cereal Box Notebook

DIY Cereal Box Notebook

Disney's Frozen Themed DIY Cereal Box Notebook

Disney's Frozen Themed DIY Cereal Box Notebook

I love upcycled craft projects. I was thrilled to learn how to make a diy cereal box notebook. My family goes through a lot of cereal, so this is perfect. It’s such a fun and simple craft, totally something the kids can help with, and perfect for back to school.

Grab a cereal box, pull out some craft paper and get ready!

Disney's Frozen Themed DIY Cereal Box Notebook

DIY Cereal Box Notebook

Inspired by Creme de la Craft. Be sure to check out this site. They have some really neat stuff!

What You’ll Need:

• Cereal box (1 cereal box makes 2 notebooks. You can also use cardboard, cardstock or gift boxes)
• Paper for the inside pages (I used computer paper, but you can also use lined or graph paper)
• A piece of decorative paper (to cover the spine)
• Scissors
• Ruler
• Pen
• Glue stick, tape runner or double-sided tape
• Darning Needle and embroidery floss
• Button

How to Make It:

1. Cut out the cereal box to create the cover for your notebook. I cut it the same size as the paper. 8.5″ x 11″

DIY Cereal Box Notebook

2. To cover the images of the cereal box, apply glue or tape to the inside of the notebook and place a piece of paper on top to attach. Cut around the edges to remove any excess paper.

DIY Cereal Box Notebook

3. Fold it in half so that the blank side is facing out.

DIY Cereal Box Notebook

4. Run embroidery floss through the needle and sew on the button to the front of the notebook. Leave about 20″ of the thread hanging. This will be used to wrap around the notebook to close. This is done easiest with a large gauge darning needle.

DIY Cereal Box Notebook

5. Grab your paper for the inside pages. With the needle and embroidery floss, stitch the paper to the notebook down the spine. Tie a knot around the back of the book. This will be covered with paper later and not seen.

6. Apply glue or tape to your decorative paper and attach it to the spine of the notebook.

DIY Cereal Box Notebook

7. You can now use that extra string to wrap around your book and secure it shut by wrapping it around the button.

You can make these in any size, or style. Enjoy!

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  • These back to school ideas are a perfect thing to make with the kids I work with after school! Thanks for the share!

  • I rememberr making something really similiar to this years and years ago ! We made them to keep our secret journals and such (mostly silly things) it seems we made them at a summer session the park put on. Its been so many years I cant recal where it was. Yours turned out cute!

  • This is a really cute & creative idea. I like recycling stuff, and this is great. I’m sure I could tweak this so it would be a boys themed one for my kids!

  • This is a really cute idea! I love you can make it whatever theme you want, and voila, you have a cheap and fun new notebook! I also like your photo step by step how to!

  • This is So Cute; I Love Any Kind of Arts & Crafts! Every Since I Was a Little Girl I Liked to Make My Own Greeting Cards, Cross Stitch & Sew, or Make My Own Jewelry! Not Much has Changed since then & I Love Making Stuff like this Cute Notebook! Adorable! Have a Blessed Day! Jana Williams

  • What a great idea! I think we will make one with each character for everyday of the week for my daughter’s daily assignments. That should make sitting down for school work more fun. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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