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Doing Disney Without Kids

Doing Disney Without Kids

Yes… I did it. I went to Disney without the kids… and I had a LOT of fun! Last month mom and I made a trip to Kissimmee and met up with two of my sisters and their families. My son wasn’t with me and neither weren’t my brother’s three kids who spend a lot of time with mom and I. It was great spending time with my sisters, niece, nephews, and even the brother-in-law. But mom and I had a couple of days to ourselves and decided it would be the perfect time for doing Disney without kids. In all of my 42 years, I’ve never been to the Magic Kingdom without kids. Do people really do that? I’m here to tell you that they do… and it’s much more fun than you can imagine.

Doing Disney Without the Kids
{See that person on the right squinting… yep, I forgot my sunglasses.}

The first perk of doing Disney without kids, is you don’t have to get up early. Even if you’re in line at the crack of dawn, you’re still not going to have time to see and do every thing that the kids will want to do. Doing Disney on a grown up pace meant that we didn’t have to head out the door first thing in the morning. That and the fact that in the morning I discovered my credit card was missing, and spent the morning trying to locate it… giving up… and calling the bank to cancel it. After that obstacle was tackled, we made it out the door around 10:30 AM.

Doing Disney Without the Kids

The memories began before we even walked through the gates, when I made mom (Laura) stop for the photo opp pictured above. That’s one of the perks of doing Disney without kids. I would have never been able to stop here for a pic with the kids clamoring to get through the gates.

Doing Disney without the kids means that you don’t have to stand in line for hours to get pictures with characters. Although, we did have a late lunch at the Crystal Palace and enjoyed dining with the characters from the 100 Acre Woods. Even grandmothers enjoy spending time Winnie the Pooh and Tigger!

Doing Disney Without the Kids

Mom and I were able to sit back and enjoy our buffet style lunch at the Crystal Palace. We didn’t have to fix anyone’s plates but our own, and were able to take our time and enjoy the delicious food and air conditioning for a bit.

Doing Disney Without the Kids

Taking our time throughout the park, we still got to experience a lot. We stopped to enjoy the show at Cinderella’s Palace, and even went on a few rides such as: Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Cruise, and the Magic Carpets of Alladin.

Doing Disney Without the Kids

Another perk of doing Disney without the kids, is that you don’t have to go on rides that spin or go upside down. Although we simply couldn’t resist taking a twirl on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. The last time I went on this ride, I got off boasting about how I had more points than my son. I was bragging about this great accomplishment to my mom as we were getting onto the ride.

This time it didn’t turn out like I expected… let’s just say she smoked me on this one.

Doing Disney Without the Kids

I snapped this shot of the screen as we were getting off the ride. It’s funny to see how serious we both were. As you can see, mom is a Star Cadet while I am a mere Galactic Hero. (Sorry about the glare.)

Doing Disney without the kids also means that you don’t have to carry anyone but yourself. This frees up your hands for shopping… lot’s of shopping which is also much easier to do without the kiddos.

Doing Disney Without the Kids
{Not having the kids with us, meant that we didn’t have to sit up front.}

Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love going to Disney with my son, nieces and nephews. There is nothing more magical than experiencing Walt Disney World through the eyes of a child. But it was a lot of fun for mom and I to take our time, and stick to things that we wanted to do. Hanging out at Disney with my mom and doing it our way was an experience that I will treasure forever.

Disclosure: Disney provide us with 2 complimentary Park Hopper Passes. However, all thoughts are 100% my own.

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  • I’ve never been to Disney and I don’t have kids. But I’ve always wanted to go, more so once I got older. Because I feel you can enjoy and appreciate everything more. I’m going to make a point of going in the future with my mom and my boyfriend. She’s been down there before with a friend, and she said it was wonderful but her friend was like a kid and wanted to go at a faster pace and she just wanted to meander and enjoy every little flower and detail. Great review, sounds like you had a blast and made some great memories.

  • Oh wow, I’ve never been there…but just the mere thought of going on an adults only trip like that there (or anywhere) gets me to dreaming, lol. Hoping to make it there at least twice in my life. Once with kids, once without, lol

  • i’ve done it without disney too. i felt really guilty for about 42 seconds because my kids haven’t ever been, and then i was all OMG i’m at disney, and i can do whatever i want to do!!

    looks like a blast.

    that buzz ride is my favorite. hands down.

  • I went to Disney when I was in 9th grade with my younger siblings and even though I was only 14 I could see how it would be fun to go without “kids” since I was still with two MUCH younger siblings. Looks like you really enjoyed yourselves! 🙂

  • We have FL resident annual passes, so we go (a lot!) with our son. That said, every year we go to Food & Wine Festival at Epcot sans child for a long weekend and it is a blast! Going without kids lets you look at WDW in a whole different way!

  • Disney provides a lot of events and activities both inside and outside of the park to keep you entertained.

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