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Donna & Company Chocolates Review

Donna & Company Chocolates Review

Donna & Company is a small, independently owned company specializing if the making of fine chocolates. When I received an email from Diane, the Chocolatier and founder of Donna & Company, saying that she was finalizing the recipes for the Valentine’s Day Collection, I knew I was about to receive something very special. Of course I knew they would be delicious, but I honestly had no idea just extraordinary Donna & Company Artisinal Chocolates really are.

I received a beautifully packaged red charm box with a window, that was tied in a pretty red and white bow. By the beautiful packaging and a peek at the chocolates through the window, I was eager to gobble up the little beauties. But I refrained from my instinctive gluttony and took the time to really savor each piece of chocolate.

The Valentine’s Day Collection includes the following fine chocolates:

Rose Heart: White chocolate ganache flavored with rose oil, cardamon and roasted pistachio. In a white chocolate heart decorated with red coloring

Absinthe: All dark chocolate ganache flavored with Absinthe and decorated with a dark chocolate heart and 24 carat gold flakes.

Vanilla Grapefruit heart: Milk chocolate with Vanilla bean, fresh grapefruit, and Campari- in a heart mold and decorated with dark chocolate stripes

Hibiscus caramel and vanilla honey ganache: dark chocolate heart shell, with tow layers inside- a hibiscus caramel and vanilla honey ganache. The shell is decorated with white chocolate

Passion Fruit honey butter: dark chocolate heart with white chocolate passion fruit ganache, dark chocolate shell decorated with white chocolate stripe


As you can see from the descriptions, these are not your average run-of-the-mill chocolates. The flavor combinations and ingredients of these chocolates is so unique. I honestly don’t think I can choose a favorite from the collection, because each piece was so amazing! Each piece of chocolate is so completely different. I never knew you could capture so many wonderful and complex flavors in a little bite.

If you want to treat yourself to something very unique and special or really ‘wow’ someone for Valentine’s Day, try Donna & Company’s fine artisinal chocolates.

You can fine Donna & Company at Whole Foods Market and select retailers throughout the NorthEastern United States, or purchase directly on their web site.


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