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Find Your Paradise with Sunsweet Philippine Tropicals

Find Your Paradise with Sunsweet Philippine Tropicals

Sunsweet Philippine Tropicals, Find Your Paradise

This post brought to you by Sunsweet Growers. The content and opinions expressed below are that of About A Mom.

With Snowmeggedon kicking off the new year, the cold weather has me dreaming. Dreaming of being anywhere but the cold. I am dreaming of being in a nice tropical destination. All I can think about is the clear water, the white sand and feeling the sun beating down on me, chasing away the winter chill. I might not be able to hop on a plane to beat the chill but Sunsweet can certainly make me feel like I am.

A little ray of sunshine on a snowy day…

Sunsweet Philippine Tropicals, Find Your Paradise

Sunsweet is launching 2 new dried fruit flavors. They are the perfect complement to their line of Philippine Tropicals. The newest flavors, Thai Coconut Chip and Philippine Green Mango, will be the perfect for on the go. I love when I can find healthy snacks that are easy to store in the car in the glove box or in my purse for whenever hunger hits. They are also perfect for traveling. They store well and can fit into any suitcase or carry on. No one wants to worry about trying to find something healthy to eat when they are hungry. 

Sunsweet Philippine Tropicals are sourced from unique microclimates. The microclimates are ideal growing conditions that give the fruit an amazing taste of the tropics that are succulent and sweet. They make sweet treats that are guilt-free.  Each of the Sunsweet Philippine Tropicals flavors are made to taste great and be a healthy snack.

Sunsweet Philippine green mangos are picked just as they are starting to ripen and have the right amount of tanginess in each bite. Sunsweet Thai Coconut Chips are perfect for you are craving a crunch but also has a bit of sweetness to them from the creamy vanilla notes. Sunsweet  Philippine Mango come from a microclimate on a less traveled island found in the lush Philippines. These mangos are so good that the locals rave about them. The Marabella Mangos have a flavor that is unmatched anywhere else in the world. Each piece is thick and soft and has a sweet floral taste to it. Eating one of the Sunsweet  Philippine Pineapple pieces is not only sweet and delicious but is like eating a chunk of fresh pineapple. 

A perfect on the go snack…

Sunsweet Philippine Tropicals, Find Your Paradise

Since Sunsweet Philippine Tropicals are perfect for traveling, they would be perfect to take on a #FindYourParadise vacation. Sunsweet is offering a Sunsweet Find Your Paradise Sweepstakes. Anyone who enters has a chance to win a trip to a domestic warm and tropical destination, like Hawaii, Caribbean Cruide or Florida.. As the snow if falling, could there be anything better? Want to a chance to win? Fans will vote on their tropical vacation location as an entry to the contest. The grand prize winner will be selected randomly. There will be additional opportunities for weekly winners to receive a gift basket that will have beach gear and the new Tropical flavors. A pretty great prize, too. 

Enter to win at or at and through Sunsweet’s various advertising channels on Facebook and Pandora.

Where are you dreaming about right now? What location will you vote on? I know I would love to be just about anywhere that is warm and sunny, with the ocean calling my name.

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