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Finders Keepers Jewelry Review

Finders Keepers Jewelry Review

‘Designer-Inspired Jewelry – without the designer price tag!’

The tag line pretty well sums up what you’ll find at Finders Keepers. They have a fabulous assortment of designer-inspired jewelry at ridiculously affordable prices. What I really like about Finders Keepers, is that they offer something for everyone. There are many different styles of bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings to choose from. You’ll also find many jewelry sets available at their online store.

Finders Keepers very generously sent my daughter and I some jewelry to review. We were honestly blown away by the amount of jewelry they sent us. Since we have somewhat differing taste in fashion and jewelry, it was great that they sent an assortment of styles.  Finders Keepers has what I consider to be high quality fashion jewelry. They are not heirloom pieces, but the affordability gives you many of options for accessorizing your wardrobe. I am not someone who wears the same jewelry all of the time. Finders Keepers allows me the luxury to mix it up a bit.

The fashion rings we received were a little bulky for my personal taste, but my daughter Angela simply loves them. One of the sets we received, with a large flower pendent and matching earrings is my favorite. I have worn it several times over the last couple of weeks and have received many compliments. There were even a few pieces of jewelry that my teenage granddaughter had to have.

When you head over to Finders Keepers plan to stay a while, because you will definitely become mesmerized looking at all of their beautiful jewelry.

Win It: Finders Keepers is graciously sponsoring a $100 Gift Certificate that will be available to win during the Shower Yourself With Love Giveaway Event, February 8 through 13. Be sure to stop back by for your chance to win!

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