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Fish McBites from McDonald’s – Are They a Good Catch? #FishMcBites

Fish McBites from McDonald’s – Are They a Good Catch? #FishMcBites

McDonald's Fish McBites

McDonald's Fish McBites

Recently, I was asked to try one of McDonald’s newest menu items – Fish McBites. The new Fish McBites are wild-caught Alaskan Pollock in crispy, tender bite size pieces. Always having been a huge fan of the McDonald’s fish sandwich, I was excited to try this new menu item.

Are McDonald’s Fish McBites a good catch?
I certainly think so! As someone who often eats on the go, I enjoy the poppable bite size pieces. The fish is nice and flaky and not overly breaded. You get a nice crunch along with the tender fish. I prefer my Fish McBites without any sauce, but if you’re a dipper you’ll be glad to know that there is a new Tarter sauce available (for a limited time). There are also seven other sauce options available like Creamy Ranch and Tangy Barbeque.

McDonald’s Fish McBites are now featured on the Favorites Under 400 Menu as a new limited time offering. They will also be part of a new Happy Meal, that includes: 7 Fish McBites, apple slices, French fries, and a drink. The Fish McBites are offered in three portion sizes: Snack Size with 10 pieces, Regular Size with 15 pieces, and Shareable with 30 pieces. The Snack and Regular sizes are both under 400 calories!

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So what do you think – are the new Fish McBites a good catch?

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  • Thank you so much for posting this review.Our family loves fish, and we were wondering if these were real fish bites and if they tasted as goos as they look.

  • I saw the advertisements for these new McDonald’s fish bites and I wondered if they were healthy and do they taste good. I am glad that they are not fattening and I like fish, and I am thinking about getting these soon.

  • I haven’t tried them, but I think it’s great they are going to be in the kids’ meal. We are celebrating Lent and that limits us a lot on Fridays for the kids to eat somewhere and still get their beloved kids’ meal.

  • I was wondering if they were any good. I was undecided about dinner as it’s my lazy day so this was the decider!

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