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Fisher-Price Fantastic Gymnastics Dora Doll Review

Fisher-Price Fantastic Gymnastics Dora Doll Review

Fantastic Gymnastics Dora

I’m sure you can imagine the excitement when a Fisher-Price Fantastic Gymnastics Dora Doll showed up on our doorstep! With the 2012 Summer Olympics just a week away, we are super eager to watch all of the amazing world class gymnasts do their best. Dora is ready to put on her own fantastic gymnastics show and it’s pretty amazing! Just read on and you’ll see…

fantastic gymnastics dora doll

Our Fantastic Gymnastics Dora doll is ready to win the gold this year! This amazing doll does so much! I’m really impressed by all of the different things this Dora doll can say and do. Dora says over 40 phrases in English and Spanish and even sings a special gymnastics song. Your little girl can coach Dora through two world class gymnastics routines and seven unique moves. Dora does splits, handstands, back bends and much more. Doesn’t she look like so much fun to play with?

Fisher Price Fantastic Gymnastics Dora Doll

She’s Fantastico!

It’s like magic when Dora performs 4 full routines, all on her own. This Fantastic Gymnastics Dora doll is one of the most wonderful toys we have ever seen and she’s given us many hours of fun! Whether your child likes gymnastics, Dora the Explorer, or just dolls in general, this one is sure to be a big hit. This new Dora doll (SRP $49.99) will be available in August, 2012 from Fisher-Price. She requires 4 “AA” batteries, which are included and is recommended for children ages 3+. My niece, Tatiana, is almost 4 and she can easily press the star on Dora’s chest to start her routine. She also has a lot of fun doing her own manual gymnastic routines with Dora. In case you haven’t already figured it out, the new Fisher-Price Fantastic Gymnastics Dora doll is something we truly love and highly recommend! Is your family looking forward to watching gymnastics and the Summer Olympics?

12/11/12 Update – This doll is currently available from Amazon.

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