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Fresh Beat Band: The Wizard of Song is Now on DVD

Fresh Beat Band: The Wizard of Song is Now on DVD

Fresh Beat Band: The Wizard of Song is now on DVD!

Fresh Beat Band: The Wizard of Song

The Fresh Beat Band is one of those shows that we had not yet discovered on Nickelodoen. The Wizard of Song DVD was a great introduction to this fun show featuring a group of teens who are all musicians and have their own band. I personally think the show is a bit silly but my younger grandkids really enjoy it. I do like that the songs are age appropriate and are good clean fun.

Fresh Beat Band

In the title episode The Wizard of Song Marina gets swept up into a windstorm, she lands in Oz where she meets Glinda the Good Witch (Sarah Chalke). Along the way, she befriends a Scarecrow (Twist), a Tin Woods-/woman (Kiki), and a Lion (Shout) and they go to the Wizard of Song (Jason Mraz) so that Marina can find her way home.

Additional episodes include: Ghost Band and Chimps in Charge.

Ghost Band– The Fresh Beats run into a ghost band when they get a gig in a western town. They face-off against the ghosts in a musical showdown and discover that the ghosts are misunderstood. So they work together to bring people back to the town.

Chimps in Charge– The Fresh Beats help their friend Harper babysit a pair of chimps who are a lot to handle. Marina gets the idea to build a jungle gym for the chimps in the park and the Fresh Beats find a perfect song to rock their show.

Created by Nickelodeon Home Entertainment and distributed by Paramount Home Media Distribution, Fresh Beat Band: The Wizard of Song is now available on DVD for the suggested retail price of $14.99.

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  • We just started catching the Fresh Beat Band in little “shorts” between shows on TV. Bubbles loves them; she loves music and dancing. I will have to look for the DVDs. They’d be a good addition to her Halloween basket or Christmas stocking!

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