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Frozen Summer Treats

Frozen Summer Treats

Frozen summer treats
When the kids come inside from the summer heat, treat them to some easy to make frozen treats!
Frozen Grapes are healthy and refreshing summer treat. To avoid sticky fingers try making Frozen Grape Pops by skewering 6-8 washed and dried grapes on a lollipop stick (available at Walmart or cake/candy supply stores).  Place your grape pops in a plastic freezer bag and freeze overnight for best results, then enjoy.
Ice Cube Popsicles are super easy to make and a lot of fun to eat! Just pour your favorite juice or other beverage into an ice cube tray, cover tray with Press N’ Seal and poke one toothpick in each ice cube slot. The Press N’ Seal will hold the toothpicks in place. Freeze overnight and presto, you have a refreshing frozen treat!
Frozen Yogurt Pops are another great summer treat! You’ll need an 8 oz container of your favorite yogurt, small paper cups, plastic wrap and popsicle sticks. Fill the paper cups almost to the top with yogurt and cover with plastic wrap. Then poke a popsicle stick through the plastic wrap, standing straight up in the center of the cup. Freeze overnight or until frozen.
I hope that you and your kids will enjoy some of these easy frozen treats this summer! Do you have any cool summer treats to share?  
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  • Although I have made frozen yogurt pops and ice cube popsicles I never tried to freeze grapes, whether on a lollipop stick or without. Since these are the easiest to do I shall be trying them soon. Perhaps one could alternate grapes and pitted cherries fr a different version.

  • The look great! I like frozen treats year round, as I get hot all the time. I used to make a frozen thing in ice cube trays out of mashed kiwis and strawberries – this post reminded me I have to start doing it again! (all the little seeds were a bit of a pain, but the taste was worth it!)

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