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Get a Free Water Analysis #SeeWaterClearly

Get a Free Water Analysis #SeeWaterClearly

Free In-Home Water Analysis from Hellenbrand

Free Water Analysis from Hellenbrand

Contaminated water has been in the news a lot lately. It has certainly made me think about whether or not the water my family is drinking is the best it can be. i also wonder about hard water and the effects it can have on my appliances. We use water for everything. For washing and cleaning to cooking and as ingredients to just having something to drink. It is hard to do anything without water which is why I am excited to partner with Hellenbrand to share an offer for a free water analysis. If you have ever had to have your water shut off while the township or community works on a pipe, you are surprised how often you go to reach for something involving water.

Just think about how much water you drink in a day, or how much water you are supposed to drink in day. Some say you should be drinking 8 glasses, 8 ounces each of water a day. Some sources will say you should be drinking half your body weight in water a day. It doesn’t matter which thought you go with, it is a LOT of water. Your body needs you to drink that much. Dehydration can cause headaches, muscle aches, and tiredness. You even feel more hungry when you are thirsty. So much so, that people often mistake being thirsty for being hungry.

Free Water Analysis from Hellenbrand

Having good water at your house isn’t always just about water being contaminated. Sometime the water is just hard. Hard water can permanently damage your appliances. Having hard water is caused by calcium and magnesium deposits in the water. Hard water can cause hundreds of dollars each year in appliance repairs. As the hard water starts to affect the appliances, the appliances start to not work efficiently. Water heaters start to take longer to heat water, using more electricity, and can cut the efficiency of the hot water tank by 48%. Refrigerators start to clog from the mineral deposits and then the life span is shortened. Dishes are harder to get cleaned. Even clothes will feel stiff as the washing machine can not get them as clean.

Get a Free Water Analysis

Hard water touches everything. It can be hard to tell if you have a hard water problem. The best way to tell, and get your questions answered is with a free water analysis. Hellenbrand offers free in-homeĀ water analysis, and can help you get answered to you water problems. The self-proclaimed water geeks, there is no problem that is too complex. Check out this infographic to get another look at what could be going on with your water, then get more information about it when you talk to your local Hellenbrand dealer. I’ll be scheduling my free water analysis. How about you?

The sooner you get your free water analysis, the sooner your water problems will be answered.

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