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Googly Party Lights Halloween Craft

Googly Party Lights Halloween Craft

Googly Party Lights Halloween Craft

Halloween Craft

I found a really fun way to spook up your party table. This Googly Party Lights Halloween craft project couldn’t be simpler to make and I managed to do it all for just $5.00. At my local Dollar Tree I found a bag of googly eyes and 4 simple votive cups. Late last night (that’s when I get my best work done) I pulled out the glue gun and glued the eyes to the votive cups in varying patterns.

Well it didn’t go quite that smoothly…

First I tried using a tacky craft glue and the eyes were sliding all over the cups. Fortunately, I was able to wash all of the glue off with soapy water and had plenty of extra googly eyes to start over. The glue gun worked great to adhere the eyes, but be careful because you are working with a small surface. I burned myself twice. Ouch!!!

Depending on the size of your votive cups, you could optionally place some candy corn in the bottom and a votive candle on top. I found some fun black, glittery LED tea lights at Michael’s the other day and think they look pretty spooky in the votive cups. For now they sit atop a black platter in the dining room, but I think I will scatter them around the snack table for our Halloween party.

The inspiration for this project was found here.

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What have you made for Halloween?

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