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Gummy Drop Match-3 Puzzle Game + iPad Mini Sweepstakes

Gummy Drop Match-3 Puzzle Game + iPad Mini Sweepstakes

Gummy Drop App from Big Fish Games

The gummies are falling! Are you ready for a new adventure? Gummy Drop, the new match-3 puzzle and adventure game from Big Fish games is brand new, and slightly addicting. Gummy Drop gives you the chance to travel the world and help rebuild famous landmarks and monuments. To do this, players much match gummies in groups of 3 or more to collect building resources.

Gummy Drop App from Big Fish Games

I was excited when Angela told me about this game. As with most games, I jumped right in and randomly started matching gummies. It didn’t take me long to realize a bit of strategy was needed. But not too much though, Gummy Drop is one of those games that you can just play and relax. It’s a great way to blow off steam or take your mind off of something.

In Gummy Drop, the colorful gummies are shaped like doughnuts, hearts and bricks which you match in groups of three or more and clear them off the board. Match four or more you get special gummies that can wipe out entire lines, all of the same color or huge sections. Clear the challenges on each board, and you’ll earn your reward. But there’s an additional element of challenge. As you play, you collect resources to rebuild famous landmarks around the world.

Gummy Drop App from Big Fish Games

Each landmark may require more than one building resource and, unlike most other Match-3 games where you simply move on from level-to-level, Gummy Drop allows players to replay completed levels to collect special additional building resources. I love getting more chances! You’re given three lives to play with which will refill over time or you can use your collected coins to refill them immediately. I love that you have the opportunity to earn boosts, rather than just buying them with real money. Earn a high score to get special tools, boost and more.

Gummy Drop App from Big Fish Games

If you’re feeling lucky, there’s also a Lucky Spin bonus wheel which pops up sometimes and gives players additional moves or lives. Sometimes those extra moves come in real handy.

The game map tracks your progress and resources. There’s also a tab on the side which tracks overall game objectives and helps to guide you. With so many different challenges and hundreds of levels, I don’t think I will ever get bored of playing Gummy Drop. Plus, there are more new levels being added to the game each month.

Gummy Drop App from Big Fish Games

Gummy Drop is so much fun, and it’s available now for free in the iTunes store for iPad and iPhone. You can download Gummy Drop today for free!

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Gummy Drop iPad Sweepstakes
Beginning midnight on September 15th, fans can visit the Big Fish on Facebook or Twitter to enter to win a free iPad Mini! The sweepstakes will end at 11:59pm on September 21st at which time a winner will be chosen at random. The winner will be announced on Facebook and Twitter on September 26th and contacted by Big Fish for contact and shipping details.

Entry details are below:

Visit the Big Fish Games Facebook page and COMMENT on the Gummy Drop! iPad Sweepstakes post with the phrase “The world’s gone gummy!”.

Tweet @bigfishgames with the phrase #theworldsgonegummy.

This Gummy Drop free app review is brought to you by Big Fish Games. All opinions are my own.

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