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What do Kim Kardashian and I have in common?

What do Kim Kardashian and I have in common?

HairInfinity Hair Vitamins

What do Kim Kardashian and I have in common? We both take HairInfinity hair vitamins, and we’re both moms. That’s two things, but I am going to talk about HairInfinity today.

I used to have thick, long, silky hair. It’s one of many things lost due to a combination of midlife hormonal changes and a less than stellar diet. I decided to get proactive and do something to improve the condition of my hair, after a summer filled with pool chemicals, beach trips, a bad dye job, and a disastrous perm. Who still gets perms you ask? Yup. That would be me. I was on a mission to find a wash and go hair style, but it didn’t quite work out as planned. The combination of both color and perm chemicals has really done a number on my hair.

HairInfinity is a nutritional supplement with a unique natural blend of vitamins and minerals to promote healthy hair growth. It nourishes your hair from the inside out. I think that makes a lot of sense, but does it actually work?

It works by filling in the gaps left by your regular diet to provide your body with the nutrition it needs to grow healthy hair. I have read many customer testimonials raving about HairInfinity. There are also many celebrities who take the HairInfinity hair vitamins, including the likes of Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Taraji P Henson, and more.

From HairInfinity: “Hairfinity is a nutritional supplement formulated with essential nutrients for healthy hair. This hair specific formula contains Vitamins A, C, and D, a B-Vitamin Complex, Biotin, MSM, and more. Hairfinity is clinically proven to increase the hair growth rate by 155% while decreasing shedding. Two capsules are taken per day, and each bottle contains a one-month supply.”

Check out my before and after pictures. The one on the left was an end of summer beach selfie taken just after we arrived to the beach for an evening walk, and the picture on the right was taken just last week in San Francisco. It shows how much longer my hair has gotten in just a couple of months.

As much as we wish there were a Hair Fairy who could give us the thick, long hair of our dreams overnight you really need at least a couple of months to see the results from vitamins. I have been taking HairInfinity hair vitamins for about a month now, and while my hair hasn’t magically grown 6 inches there is enough improvement for me to continue taking the supplements. I’m really pleased with the results so far and look forward to having stronger, longer, more beautiful hair in the coming months.

My hair looks the best it has in months, and I have a feeling that HairInfinity has something to do with that.

The HairInfinity website has hundreds of testimonials and before/after pictures. Real success stories like the one below. Hairfinity comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your results simply contact them for a refund. They also offer a FREE customized hair care regimen- no purchase required!

I think hair vitamins are totally the way to go for healthier, more beautiful hair!

Hairfinity is available online or in exclusive salons. Check out their website to order, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


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