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Harness Your Inner Super Hero with Big G Cereals #SuperHeroing #CerealHeroes

Harness Your Inner Super Hero with Big G Cereals #SuperHeroing #CerealHeroes

Harness Your Inner Super Hero with Big G Cereal

Thanks to our sponsor Big G Cereal Heroes for coming to our rescue and inspiring fun with breakfast.

My family is absolutely loving the latest campaign by Big G Cereal! We are total geeks when it comes to things like comic books and super hero movies. The Big G Cereal Heroes is all about finding the confidence of a Super Hero. Strike a #SuperHeroing pose and feel like a Super Hero – ready to conquer anything! In many of our favorite breakfast cereals, Big G has included a FREE comic book, and on the back of the box you will find costume pieces for your favorite JUSTICE LEAGUE super heroes.

Harness Your Inner Super Hero with Big G Cereals

I am a fan of anything that encourages my grandchildren to read, so comic books get a big thumbs up from me. Pair that with our favorite cereals and BAM – POW!

Harness Your Inner Super Hero with Big G Cereals

In specially marked boxes of Big G cereals from now through April (while supplies last), you’ll find 4 exclusive issues of DC comic books featuring your favorite JUSTICE LEAGUE characters like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and Cyborg. Participating Big G cereals include Cinnamon Toast Crunch™, Lucky Charms™, Honey Nut Cheerios™ , Trix™, Cookie Crisp™, and Reese’s® Puffs®. A bonus 5th issue is available in Cheerios only at Target.

Harness Your Inner Super Hero with Big G Cereals

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One of the great things about super heroes and comic books is that they bring out the kid in all of us. It’s one of those things you never grow out of. Super heroes inspire us to be brave and fierce, and to help others. My granddaughters and I had a little chat about the qualities of a Superhero and came up with the following attributes: brave, strong, intelligent, helps others, role model, earns respect, likes gadgets, hard working, and have special powers. These are all fine qualities we should aspire to.

The special comic books have an activity for kids to do in the back of the comic. Kids can be part of the JUSTICE LEAGUE by helping the Super Heroes solve a word search, maze, connect the dots, or other activity. Then, they can head to the Big G Cereal Heroes website to read part 2 of the story. How fun is that?

For more info about these comics and the #superheroing promotion, visit the General Mills website and stay tuned for more info on #cerealheroes and how you can help your children harness their inner super hero.

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