Hit the Living Room Dance Floor with Dance Central 3

Dance Central 3

Christmas came early at our house this year. Dance Central 3 was at the top of the holiday wish list for the kids this year, and they were super excited to learn that they didn’t have to wait until Christmas. The first thing the kids checked out was the song list and the girls screamed with joy when they saw Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” on the list. The song selection on Dance Central 3 is pretty great, featuring 40+ songs all the way back to the 1970’s. The kids laughed when they saw “YMCA” on the list, but soon enough they were dancing to it and having a blast.

Dance Central 3

Dance Central 3 is fun for the whole family. When we play the game in the evenings, the lights go out, the volume goes up, and the furniture gets pushed back, turning our living room into a dance club. Even grandma gets out onto the living room dance floor to show her moves to the “Macarena”. A new feature of this edition is a beginner mode, meaning that even a left footed person like me can participate. We are all at different skill levels in my house when it comes to dancing, so it’s nice that Dance Central 3 let’s you dance side by side at different levels.

Dance Central 3
Even grandma get’s out on the living room dance floor!

As a parent I appreciate a game like this that keeps the kids moving. Especially during the winter when the kids don’t spend as much time outside, it’s nice that they can stay active with this game. This game always comes out when the kids have friends over, and the new 8 player party mode allows everyone to get in on the fun.

Dance Central 3

There are some other neat features such as a “make your move” where players alternate to create their own dances moves, and the other players have have to mimic. You can also play “keep the beat”, where the game doesn’t judge the moves, but rather you can earn points based on the rythm of your movements.

Dance Central 3

My family loves playing Dance Central 3! Although it is rated Teen, I think it’s fabulous for the entire family. If you’re thinking about picking this game up for the holidays, there are some huge sales coming up for Black Friday! You’ll be able to pick it up at Walmart for just $15.00 or at Best Buy for $24.99. Dance Central 3 is also available on Amazon.

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