11 Hobbies that are Low Cost to Start

11 Hobbies that are Low Cost to Start

11 Hobbies that are Low Cost to Start

With the weather getting cooler soon, you may be thinking, “I need a hobby!” One reason many people do not start a hobby is because they don’t have much money to get one going. If you can make the time, there are some great hobbies to get started on that don’t have huge start-up costs and can enrich your life. You may even find you have some great talents you never knew you had!

Most of the hobbies listed below can be started for as low as free and many of them have a startup of less than $50.00.

Here are 11 hobbies that don’t cost much to get going:

1. Blogging. Yes, you are reading a blog and this may be obvious, but blogging is a great hobby to start because it can be so much more than just writing out posts and adding pictures. You can network and make friends and the best part is, blogging can be as cheap as free. Just start with a free platform such as wordpress or blogger or even tumblr. Paid options can be as low as $10 a year for the domain and $3 per month for hosting.

2. Creating recipes. This is a great hobby for the creative chef in you. What’s great about this hobby is you can do it when you have some extra cash and often, you can do it with just things you have in your kitchen right now.

3. Collecting Anything. Collecting can be as simple and cheap as state quarters to something more elaborate and expensive such as vintage photographs. Just hunt online for the proper ways to save and store your new collectables.

4. Running. You may want to get some special equipment as you get more involved in this hobby, but all you need to start is some energy and a pair of runners. Add an ipod and you are good to go.

5. Go “freecycling”. Freecycle.org is a website where you meet and swap your stuff with others in your community. This one is free to do and all you need it access to a computer and the internet. It’s a great way to get rid of things you no longer need and find some treasures for yourself!

6. Canning. While you have to invest in the jars, lids and supplies for this one, you are also saving money canning. I have even seen start up kits as low as $8.00. Think of all the things you could can; apple butter, soups, sauces and even make your own pickles!

7. Couponing. This is not only free to start (other than the cost of a newspaper for instance), but will possibly make you money in the long run. There are a ton of places to learn to coupon, including blogs.

8. Photography: You don’t need a professional setup at first. Just a simple camera will work while you learn about angles, lighting etc.

9. Coloring. Hear me out! While you may think this is a kid’s playtime activity, you may be surprised to know there are a ton of free pintables online for elaborate adult level coloring pages. All you need is a medium. Try colored pencils, chalk or even oil pastels. You may even decide to get real fancy and frame your favorite ones and give them as gifts.

10. Cake Decorating: You don’t even have to be a star baker. You can buy a simple foam piece that you decorate like a cake over and over to practice your techniques. There’s a ton of free video tutorials online as well as step-by-step picture instructions.

11. Crocheting: For the cost of a couple hooks and yarn, you can start this one on the cheap. To find out how to do this, look for books at thrift stores or even online videos.

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