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Holiday Entertaining with Wilton Armetale

Holiday Entertaining with Wilton Armetale

Wilton Armetale Review

The holiday season brings more than good cheer. It also brings more cooking, baking, decorating, and parties. This year my holiday entertaining will be a little easier and a bit more posh thanks to a beautiful and timeless Wilton Armetale tray I received to review. I’ve known of Wilton Armetale for a very long time, but this is the first of their aluminum-based alloy pieces that I have owned. I am confident in saying that it’s not going to be the last piece that I own, as I am eager to add to my new Flutes and Pearls collection.

Wilton Armetale Review

I am in love with the versatility of my new round tray. Armetale metal is a unique, non-toxic aluminum-based alloy, making it ideal for cooking and entertaining. It’s ideal for entertaining, because hot foods will stay hot longer and cold foods will stay cold longer. I am amazed that the beautiful high polish, which is similar to silver, is ultra durable and resistant to rusting, breaking, cracking or chipping (under normal usage). Although, I don’t recommend taking a sledge hammer to it, but for everyday use this is tough stuff.

Wilton Armetale Large Round Tray

The Flutes and Pearls Large Round Tray is the ideal multi-purpose entertaining piece. I have already used it to serve both hot and cold horderves. At my Halloween party it brought a certain elegance to otherwise creepy finger breadsticks. The main reason I chose this particular tray is that it’s large enough to hold a cake, like my Mom’s beautiful carrot cake. Just be sure to place a paper doily or cardboard round under the cake to protect the tray from scratching when you cut the cake. Although Wilton Armetale products are made to last, I still want to take really good care of the tray for the next generation of my family. Wilton Armetale makes heirloom quality cookware and serveware. I look forward to passing this tray down to my son and future daughter-in-law someday.

Wilton Armetale Tray

When my Wilton Armetale tray isn’t being used for serving food to my family and friends, it’s the perfect addition to this silver and gold holiday centerpiece.

If the Flutes and Pearls design that I have doesn’t float your boat, Wilton Armetale has many other classic designs to choose from, along with Gourmet Grillware and fun Collegiate Serveware. Through November 30, 2013, Wilton Armetale is extending About a Mom readers 20% off any order(s) using coupon code FALL13K. Also through Thanksgiving, you can visit Wilton Armetale on Facebook and enter a giveaway for $300 in Amazing Grillware Products!

disclosure: The product mentioned above was provided to About a Mom for review. All opinions are my own.

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