How Much Are You Willing To Pay For That Cup of Joe?

Price of coffee has nearly doubled

Price of Coffee Has Nearly Doubled

Have you noticed that the price of coffee has nearly doubled over the past year? Both generic and specialty brewed coffee prices have been steadily increasing for more than 12 months.  I’ve read recently that coffee growers are charging retailers more and the cost is being passed onto consumers. So why are the coffee farmers charging so much more? Supposedly bad weather and demand from developing countries is to blame.  Whatever the reason, I sure hope coffee prices go back down soon. I have been scouring store circulars for coffee deals and have not had much luck. I had to laugh when I saw the 25 cent coffee coupon in this weeks paper. Not much help there!

I am to the point where giving up coffee is a serious consideration. It sure won’t be easy!  How will I kick the coffee habit?  The first step will be to switch to hot tea which has less caffeine. I really like Earl Grey and will probably switch to that.  Second change will be to switch to a caffeine free herbal tea.  I’ll let you know how it works out for me. Wish me luck!  Would you consider giving up your morning cup of joe?

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