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How to Potty Train Your Toddler in the Summer

How to Potty Train Your Toddler in the Summer

Great tips for potty training your toddler in the summer when you are activie and traveling.

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Toilet training is a huge milestone for you and your toddler and summer is the perfect time to work on this milestone. Warm weather means your toddler is wearing fewer layers of clothing. That’s less clothing you have to quickly peel off when they declare that they need to potty. Most times you have seconds to make this happen as they should have said something at least ten minutes ago and now you are seconds from a mess.

Summer is also an active time for families whether it’s frequent trips to the pool, backyard barbecues, vacations, or playtime at the park.

potty training your toddler

The good news is you don’t have to remain home bound while potty training your toddler this summer. You can still enjoy all your favorite summer activities with these simple tips.

1. Use Pampers Easy Ups.

Pampers Easy Ups are more underwear like for growing toddlers with super stretchy sides to make them easy to pull up and down when using the potty. Pampers Easy Ups support the diaper-to-underwear transition for toddlers and their families as they a have a more underwear-like look and feel while keeping messes off clothing, bedding, and other surfaces regardless of where accidents occur.

2. Take frequent breaks.

Stop often whether your are traveling or just engaged in activity and encourage everyone to use the restroom. One of our kids trained during a month long road trip a couple of summers ago. We stopped often and everyone used the restroom.

3. Pack extras.

We want potty training to be a positive experience for our toddlers, but leaks and accidents happen and can feel like setbacks. That’s why it’s important to be prepared and empower our little ones to overcome those obstacles. Pack extra clothes, wipes, Pampers Easy Ups and bags for wet clothing when going out and/or traveling.

Great tips for potty training your toddler in the summer when you are activie and traveling.

4. Know your child.

Toilets can be too big and frightening for toddlers, especially commercial sized toilets. If your child does not feel comfortable using a regular sized toilet, carry a potty with you. We have had different options with all our kids depending on the need. It may be a toddler potty, a training seat that fits on a regular sized toilet, or a folding travel potty that fits on a regular sized toilet and can fold up for convenient storage.

5. Make it fun!

Potty training can be an overwhelming and stressful time. It can become disappointing and frustrating for both you and your toddler. Make training fun by doing a reward system, letting kids play with the Pampers Easy Ups, reading fun books to them about potty training, or letting them pick out their own Pampers Easy Ups. Pampers Easy Ups come in fun Thomas & Friends® designs and Dora the Explorer® designs. While you are at home let them run and play in just their Pampers Easy Ups to make bathroom breaks easier.

Great tips for potty training your toddler in the summer when you are activie and traveling.

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Written by About a Mom contributor, Kim. Kim, the mama behind The Resourceful Mama, is a medical social worker turned stay at home mom to three. She enjoys sharing simple crafts and activities, parenting and homemaking tips, and a lot of holiday fun.

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