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IKEA Soft Toys – Gifts That Give Back

IKEA Soft Toys – Gifts That Give Back

When shopping for toys this holiday season, I encourage you to consider how you can give back by purchasing gifts that give back such as IKEA Soft Toys. The IKEA Soft Toys for Education Campaign is a global initiative founded to help fund educational projects in almost 40 countries. For every soft toy sold in an IKEA store, through December 29th, one Euro (approximately $1.35 US) is split between Save the Children and UNICEF for educational projects.

IKEA Soft Toys - Gifts That Give Back

IKEA sent me a selection of the soft toys to review. Not only are they very well made, but are also plush toys that your child can really play with and use their imagination.

DUKTIG is an adorable 14 piece vegetable set. Eleven very realistic looking vegetables fit into a small brown basket with handles. The vegetable set includes: 2 mushrooms, 2 tomatoes, 1 garlic bulb, 1 leek, 1 cucumber, 3 carrots sewn together, 1 lettuce head, 4 detachable lettuce leaves, one basket for storage. The vegetables and basket are the perfect size for little hands. This type of toy encourages imagination during playtime, and is soft enough and safe for little ones.

IKEA Soft Toys - Gifts That Give Back

We received the lion from the KLAPPAR CIRKUS collection of soft toy puppets. Puppets are so much fun to play with and this lion has a lot of character. The puppet is the perfect size for children. My hand fits a bit snug into the puppet which is great, because it’s not too big for smaller hands.

IKEA Soft Toys - Gifts That Give Back

LEKA CIRKUS is a musical soft toy. It reminds me of a rabbit in the magicians hat. When you pull the rabbit up out of the hat, he slowly works his way back into the hat and plays a musical song (much like jack-in-the-box). This little guy is really cute!

IKEA Soft Toys - Toys That Give Back

The IKEA Soft Toy collection is quite large including: stuffed animals, puppets and books. There are many fun toys to choose from. They range in price from $.49 – $19.99 and are available in all IKEA stores and online during the holiday season. I really like that the toys we received are much more than plush toys that you just squeeze and hug. Rather, they are soft toys that kids can play with and use their imagination.

Since 2003, the IKEA Soft Toys for Education campaign has donated $61.75 million (€47.5 million) in donations to UNICEF and Save the Children, helping eight million children through over 70 programs.

* About A Mom received a sample.

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