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Home Office Makeover with the HP Envy Rove20 #IntelAIO

Home Office Makeover with the HP Envy Rove20 #IntelAIO

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I spend a lot of time in my home office, and I mean a LOT. My home office is located in the room that used to be our dining room, so I share this work space with a buffet that holds the china, and shelves upon shelves of photo props and craft supplies. We removed the leaf from the dining room table and put it at one end of our very long living room. This turned out to be a fabulous re-purposing of the space in our home. While it’s all so very functional now, I didn’t realize just how depressing my office was – not until I looked at it through the lens of my camera. I guess I really needed to see it through different eyes, so to speak. I have plans to give the room a fresh coat of paint, and also plan to bring in some colorful artwork. There is one very major office makeover which has already occurred, and that was the arrival of a new Intel AIO PC all-in-one computer. More specifically the HP Envy Rove20.

Intel AIO PC All In One Computer HP Envy Rove20

My old, drab little laptop just wasn’t cutting it anymore. With as much time as I spend online, I need a computer that is up to the challenge. I have only been using the HP Envy Rove20 for a couple of weeks now, but so far it’s made quite a difference. Before we talk more about my new Intel AIO, let’s take a look at my old work space. It’s kind of embarrassing. I have to admit though, that I tidied up a bit before snapping this shot.

Old Work Space Before Intel AIO

Now, back to the good stuff. The new all-in-one PC is not only my work PC, but is also our new entertainment and social hub. My nieces love the touch screen capabilities and have quickly found some new games. Portability is one of the many great features of this all-in-one PC. Simply close the display stand and you have a mobile AIO that can run cordless with a 3 hour battery life. The touch screen allows you to leave the mouse and keyboard behind. How’s that for on-the-go? It can easily be carried from room to room and can even be held on your lap as a huge tablet.

Intel AIO PC

I love the space saving design of this Intel AIO PC. This all-in-one PC has just one power cord, and the included mouse and keyboard are both wireless. Plus, there is no hard drive box – it’s built right into the screen. It’s pretty amazing!

Setup was an absolute breeze, and that’s coming from a not so techy person. I have to admit though that as I was setting it up, I kept thinking there were some things missing. It seemed like there weren’t enough parts or cords in the box. It was really a nice surprise to learn how sleek this all-in-one PC really is.

Intel AIO PC HP Envy Rove20

The HP ENVY Rove 20-k014us Mobile All-In-One PC fits my family’s needs perfectly. The large, bright display is great to work on, especially on those nights when I am up working late. It’s great for watching videos and playing games which has left me with an empty desk more than a few times. I’m starting to think we might just need another one. I want to mention that this PC does come with Windows 8 already installed. I was already using Windows 8 on my old PC and my tablet and have grown to love it, but if it’s your first time using Windows 8 expect a little bit of a learning curve.

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How would you use an Intel AIO PC All-In-One computer in your family?

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  • This computer sounds wonderful and with the easy hook up it sounds like the computer for me. My computer room consist of a corner in my bedroom, so space is a real issue here. This computer would fit in quite well in my little space.

  • Wow this is amazing. HP is really coming out with some amazing products. This is what I definitely need. My laptop dies and I need to buy a new computer to do work from home on, be able to read articles and books easily (I’m part of a book club) and also have the kids enjoy.

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