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Jane by Design Volume One DVD Review

Jane by Design Volume One DVD Review

Jane by Design: Volume One release date: March 20, 2012

Synopsis: When mistaken for an adult, sixteen year-old Jane (Erica Dasher) finds herself working for a high-powered executive (Andie McDowell) at a hip fashion house. From classes to couture, relive all the drama, romance and non-stop excitement as Jane juggles her life as a regular teenager and her job in the cutthroat world of fashion…all while trying to keep her true identity a secret.

Before reviewing this DVD, I hadn’t seen the show ‘Jane by Design’. I have always been a huge fan of actress Andie McDowell, so was eager to check this show out! This is such a fun series with lots of quirky characters. The show follows the life a teenager, Jane Quimby, who is a bit of a social outcast. After applying for an internship at a New York City fashion house, due to a serious miscommunication, Jane lands the job as executive assistant to the no-nonsense Gray Chandler Murray (Andie McDowell). As you would expect, Jane experiences many close calls and mishaps at her new job. I found myself always rooting for her!

Check out this clip from the show!

This is such a fun show for teenage girls or anyone who has an interest in the fashion industry. I am really looking forward to seeing Volume Two of ‘Jane by Design’! If you missed any part of Volume One you’re in luck, the two-disc DVD is now available (SRP $29.99).

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