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JOCKEY Bra Fit Kit Gives the Perfect Fit Bra

JOCKEY Bra Fit Kit Gives the Perfect Fit Bra

Find Your Perfect Fit Bra with JOCKEY bra Fit Kit

I was provided with a complimentary product to review as part of a promotional program with Jockey® and MomSelect. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Earlier this month I shared my experience using the new Jockey Bra Fit Kit, and as promised I am following up with my thoughts on my new perfect fit bra. The Fit Kit is a revolutionary new bra sizing system designed to help women get the perfect fitting bra. Gone are the traditional A, B, and C cup sizes to a more custom volumetric fit cup that comes in 10 different sizes to measure breast volume. You can see more about the actual Fit Kit from my earlier blog post.

Find Your Perfect Fit Bra with JOCKEY bra Fit Kit

My new Jockey Bra in the Classic Contour style arrived about a week after placing my custom order. It was very well packaged, keeping the bra shape and structure in tact. Normally I don’t wear bras with underwire, because I am heavy and the wire always seems to cut into the side of my breast. I made a mistake, well what I thought was a mistake, when choosing my bra style and ended up with one that has underwire. At first I was very disappointed. But the underwire was very well padded, so I decided to give it a try. I have to say that I am now thrilled over that mistake.

JOCKEY Bra Fit Kit Gives the Perfect Fit

I am between sizes using the traditional cup sizing system. With Jockey I was able to choose a cup size that truly fits the shape, size, and vollume of my breast, and with underwire doesn’t cut into me. What I’ve ended up getting is the added support of the underwire without any of the discomfort I have had in the past – something I didn’t think possible.

Jockey Bra Review

This bra was designed for comfort. It has padded stay-put straps that really to stay in place, even on someone like me who has narrow shoulders. With most bras I am constantly having to push the strap back onto my shoulder. The bra is made with patented 3-D technology for ultimate comfort and incredible support. I am not a fan of heavily padded bras, but this bra offers just enough padding for modesty and support. It’s a great bra to wear with t-shirts and other close fitting tops.

So, am I a believer in what Jockey’s selling with the new Jockey Bra Fit Kit? You betcha! I am thrilled to wear this well made bra that properly fits me and provides the comfort and support that I need. I highly recommend trying the Fit Kit for yourself to see the difference. The fit kit costs $19.95, but it comes with a $20 off your first bra.

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