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Journaling in the New Year

Journaling in the New Year


The beginning of a new year is a great time to pick up the habit of journaling. Keeping a journal is different than writing a diary, in that it’s much more than recording the happenings of your life. Journaling can be a powerful tool for self-exploration and stress management. It’s also a great way to get to know your-self better.

In order for journaling to be helpful, it’s important to write in detail about your feelings. Getting your thoughts out of your head and down on paper can gain you powerful insights you might otherwise have never seen. The thoughts put down in your journal are yours alone, not to be judged or second guessed by others.


If you want to know where your heart is, look where your mind goes when it wanders.

Keeping a journal can help you to connect with your heart, gain clarity, and process previous events. I used to journal regularly, but have fallen out of the habit. Keeping a journal again is one of my goals for 2013. The last few days, I’ve gone back to read some previous journal entries and it’s been very enlightening. This bird’s-eye view has allowed me to examine my thoughts from a different perspective. It’s shown me how I’ve been growing and changing, even though I have been feeling caught in a funk.

Writing your thoughts down can bring comfort, much like the act of crying – you don’t know why but feel much better afterward.

Just start. It’s easy to start journaling. You don’t need a special book. A simple spiral bound notebook will do just fine. If you’re having trouble knowing what to write, there are some great writing prompts available online, or you can begin with some basic prompts.

How are you feeling?

What do you want to learn about yourself?

Describe yourself.

What would you change or not change about your life?

Keeping a journal doesn’t have to require much time. Find a quiet moment, and start by just jotting down a few sentences a day.

Do you keep a journal?

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