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Flonase Allergy Relief OTC arrives just in time for Spring!

Flonase Allergy Relief OTC arrives just in time for Spring!

Flonase Allergy Relief

Sneezing, itching, and watery eyes are allergy symptoms many of us know all too well. Spring allergy season is right around the corner, and in some regions it seems to have already arrived. I’m visiting Florida right now and the pollen is already visible.

After a cold winter, it’s so nice to get outdoors and enjoy the warm sunshine. Unfortunately, allergy symptoms can really put a damper on outdoor fun. I’m excited to share that FLONASE® Allergy Relief is here to help. I’m working with Lunchbox and FLONASE® to help spread the word that this spring you can find allergy relief at your local Walmart store.


FLONASE® Allergy Relief is an over-the-counter non-prescription allergy relief nasal spray that was until recently only available by prescription. I personally know how well it works, as I have been using it for years. I am thrilled to see an OTC version of FLONASE® Allergy Relief available for everyone, providing 24-hour non-drowsy allergy relief when you need it.

Available in 60 metered spray and 120 metered spray packages, FLONASE® Allergy Relief provides relief of itchy, watery eyes, nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, and itchy nose. FLONASE® Allergy Relief helps relieve seasonal and year-round allergies Whether you’re allergic to seasonal triggers like pollen and ragweed, or constant triggers like pet dander dust mites and mold. FLONASE® Allergy Relief can help provide complete allergy relief.


FLONASE® Allergy Relief outperforms the #1 Allergy Pill* and unlike allergy pills, FLONASE® Allergy Relief works at the source. * Total nasal symptoms vs. leading allergy pill.

Here’s a chance to win with the Flyaway With FLONASE® Allergy Relief Sweepstakes! Simply sign in, visit the Flonase page, and you are entered! There are optional extra entries available too. The grand prize is a $500 gift card on a major airline, plus there are five first prize $50 Walmart gift cards too. Tweet where you would travel if you were allergy free using #FlyawayWithFlonase hashtag.

This post is sponsored by Lunchbox. All opinions are my own.

The Fly-Away With FLONASE® Allergy Relief Sweepstakes

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