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Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh this Summer

Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh this Summer

Keep your car smelling fresh this summer with PERK Vent Wraps.

This post brought to you by PERK. The content and opinions expressed below are that of About A Mom.

It’s already starting to feel like summer. Outside the air is perfumed with blooming flowers, but inside your car is a different story. As the temperature and humidity continue to creep up, opening the car door can feel like you’ve just stepped into a sauna. Bad odors are amplified in the smoldering heat. During the summer months, it’s a good idea to take extra care to keep your car smelling fresh.

After an afternoon of outdoor sports or a trip to the beach, the inside of you car can get smelly fast. The worst offender in my family has to be the dog. After a trip to the dog park, he can stink up the car really fast.

Keep your car smelling fresh this summer with PERK Vent Wraps.

Have you ever experienced a smelly car during a family road trip? It can be so unpleasant. I’ll be taking extra care to keep the car fresh during this summer’s road trip, by using a PERK Vent Wrap automotive air freshener. On our last road trip, I didn’t realize that Grandma Laura had put some bananas in the girl’s snack bag. The uneaten bananas were left in the car, to be discovered several days later when the car was retrieved from a parking garage. Something wasn’t quite right when I opened the door. Luckily, I had a Caribbean Colada scented PERK Vent Wrap in the car keeping the smell of the oh-so ripe bananas to a minimum.

Do you have any stinky car stories?

PERK Vent Wraps will keep your car smelling fresh this summer.

PERK Vent Wrap is the best air freshener I have found for the car. PERK auto air fresheners deliver exceptional fragrances through cutting-edge design and technology that will wake up your space! I love the discreet design of the PERK Vent Wrap. You could say it’s invisibly fresh!

With patent-pending StediScent™ technology, PERK Vent Wrap is the first air freshener to deliver consistent, high-quality fragrance. Each PERK Vent Wrap is individually wrapped and lasts about 15 days, so a 4-pack offers up to 60 days of your favorite fragrance and no one even knows it’s there!

PERK Vent Wraps automotive air freshener

The PERK Vent Wrap is so easy to use. Simply wrap it around a vent blade. Don’t worry, it doesn’t block air flow from the vent and you can still adjust your vent as needed. No leaks or spills, and it even works when the vent is off. 

I love how you barely notice that it’s there, except for the great scent!

PERK Vent Wraps automotive air freshener

PERK Vent Wraps are available in a variety of amazing PERK fragrances, including favorites such as Golden Vanilla, New Car and my personal favorite – Caribbean Colada. PERK products can be found at – Walmart, Target, Advance Auto Parts, AutoZone, Meijer, Kroger, Pep Boys, Publix, CVS, and other places auto air fresheners are sold.

Check out my PERK Vent Wraps video review:


I’m thrilled to bring you a fun giveaway today! Here’s what you can win:

  • 6 month supply of PERK products/fragrances
  • 1 PERK travel mug
  • 2 pairs of PERK sunglasses (1 green and 1 black)

To enter simply leave a comment below sharing your own stinky car story, telling us why you need a PERK Vent Wrap to freshen up your car! Or you can pick one up today if you don’t want to wait with this $1 off PERK coupon! Giveaway is open to U.S. readers and ends on May 20, 2015 at 11:59pm EST. Void where prohibited. One random winner will be selected.

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