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Discover Keurig Brew Over Ice K-Cups

Discover Keurig Brew Over Ice K-Cups

Keurig Brew Over Ice K-Cups

It’s no secret that I love my Keurig. Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you how much I enjoy my coffee. I drink my coffee very strong, while my mom who lives in the same house, enjoys a more mild cup of coffee. Keurig makes it simple for us each to get exactly what we want in a cup of coffee, thanks the the wide variety of K-Cups available. We’ve been having an unusually warm summer here in Georgia, so I was thrilled when asked to be a Brew Over Ice Ambassador. How did they know that icy cold drinks straight from my Keurig was just what I needed for a happy summer?

Keurig Brew Over Ice at Reviewer's Retreat

I had a chance to meet with the lovely folks from the Keurig Brew Over Ice team while at Reviewer’s Retreat. They got to know my face pretty well as I went up to them a second, and then a third time for a glass of Sweet and Creamy Iced Coffee. I just couldn’t get enough of that iced coffee – it was just that good! Luckily, I didn’t pose myself as too much of a nuisance and they were kind enough to send me a new Keurig B70 Platinum Brewing System along with boxes of my beloved Sweet & Creamy Nutty Hazelnut Iced Coffee, Vitamin Burst fruit brew, and Celestial Seasonings Half & Half Black Tea and Lemonade. I was now able to pass my old Keurig brewing system on to my sister-in-law, making us one very happy family.

Keurig Brew Over Ice K-Cups

Keurig has created some of their most popular coffee (and tea) flavors in a stronger formulation for use as iced beverages. All you have to do is fill your tumbler with ice and brew as your normally would. The ice will melt down some from the hot beverage, making the perfect icy cold beverage. Keurig recommends not using glass, because it can break. They sell this cute Iced Beverage Tumbler on the Keurig web site which is great for on the go, but any plastic tumbler will do.

When making iced drinks with your Keurig, the beverage coming out of the machine will be very hot so be sure to use plenty of ice. Since it’s a stronger formulation in the k-cup, your drink won’t at all taste watered down.

I already mentioned how much I love making iced coffee with my Keurig, but I’ve also been turned on to some of the other Brew Over Ice beverages. I have long been a fan of the vitamin waters that you can buy in the store, but I have a problem with adding all those plastic bottles to the landfills. So, I don’t purchase them very often. The Vitamin Burst acai berry fruit brew k-cups totally satisfy that craving, and taste even better than the ones you can buy in the bottle.

Keurig Brew Over Ice

My family drinks a fair bit of good old fashioned iced tea – it’s a Southern tradition, after all. I have to admit that I was a little skeptical before trying the Half and Half Black Tea & Lemonade blend by Celestial Seasonings. It turns out that my whole family loves this particular k-cup. The blend of tea and lemonade is simply delicious!

It’s great to use the Keurig brewer for more than our morning cups of coffee. I feel like I am getting so much more from my Keurig. In fact, we brew over ice more than anything else now. I’ve picked up a few k-cup varieties from the store that we also enjoy such as the Snapple Peach Iced Tea and Lemon Iced Tea. The Keurig Brew Over Ice K-Cups makes it easy for everyone in the family to have their favorite drink which is especially nice with a large family like mine. Are you making the most of your Keurig?

Disclosure: Brew Over Ice provided me with this Keurig coffee system and a sampling of K Cups for review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are strictly my own and no other compensation was received.

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