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Kid-Friendly XFINITY Features Parents Will Love

Kid-Friendly XFINITY Features Parents Will Love

Parents will love kid-friendly XFINITY features like Kid Zone and Voice Remote.

Kid-Friendly XFINITY Features Parents Will Love

Disclosure: Post and giveaway sponsored by XFINITY, but all opinions are my own. Please see below for additional disclosure.

Keeping the kids entertained and out of trouble is important. With teenagers it can be especially challenging, so when the girls are busy watching television, I want to make sure that they are watching shows that are right for them. Most parents would agree, the shows kids watch need to be age appropriate, but also need to be something that the kids actually want to watch, or else it isn’t going to be worth it. When I kept hearing about Google Fiber coming to the Atlanta area, as a resident, I was interested to see what they were offering. After doing some research, I learned Google doesn’t offer features like XFINITY’s Kid’s Zone and Voice Remote, and that’s a dealbreaker for us!

Kid-Friendly XFINITY Features Parents Will Love:

Kids Zone, offered by XFINITY, includes movies, TV shows, anything we have DVRed and even On Demand choices. It gives the kids the option to watch TV independently and watch what they want, but gives the adults the chance to disable things that kids shouldn’t be watching. Kids Zone allows parents to be able to take features away like being able to purchase or rent movies, as well as, make it so that the channels can not be changed using the channel up and down buttons. While in Kids Zone, the interface is fun and is designed with kids in mine, something that is not offered by Google Fiber.

There is even a fun feature with the remote. Using Voice Remote, offered only from XFINITY, kids can spend countless hours having fun trying out their favorite movie quotes and finding shows by different topics. It is the only remote that can get the shows your kids love the most, right in front of them, just by using their voices. With the most recent update, kids can speak into the remote with phrases from the popular Cartoon Network show, Teen Titans Go! Want some silliness to go around? Try saying “banana” or “kudos!” to the remote the next time the kids are using it and hear it go into Minionese! This awesome Voice Remote feature is only available from XFINITY – the competition can’t put your shows in front of you just by speaking!

These great kid-friendly options are just a few of the reasons to stick with XFINITY for home entertainment.

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