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Leaping Into Retirement

Leaping Into Retirement

This year will be a big one for me. It’s the year that I will be leaping into retirement. Last year I made the decision to cut back to part-time and have to say it has just given me more desire for full-on retirement. It’s really hard to return for work those three days a week, after having four off. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for being able to cut back at all, but now that I have a little more time to do some of the things that I love, I just long for more of it.

I have been taking advantage of my new-found free time and have been doing things like spending more time with the grandkids, watching lots of movies, a bit of sewing, and baking. Of course, I have been spending more time contributing to this blog. These are some of the things I want to do more of when I retire:

more time for blogging

more travel and adventure

family fun

There is one thing holding me back from taking this leap. You guessed it, it’s money. It always seems to come down to money, doesn’t it? There are two things that I want to pay off before I make the final leap into retirement. Not having a car payment anymore would make a huge difference in the budget, so paying off the last of the Civic loan is at the top of my list. Next will be paying off my student loan. Yes, I am still paying on a student loan since I decided later in life to return to school.

I think if I buckle down, work really hard and stick to a budget that retirement is something I can accomplish by the end of this year. Just think, you’ll get to read even more of my mutterings before long, since I will have more time to blog.

I realize that I am blessed to be able to retire while I can still really enjoy life. Leaping into retirement will be one of my last great steps in life and I plan to do it in grand fashion! I’ll let you know when to throw the party!

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What is your next great leap in life?

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