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7 Little Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself

7 Little Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself

7 little ways to take better care of yourself, because you deserve it.

I didn’t kick off 2016 with any set resolutions, instead I move forward into the new year with a renewed commitment to take better care of myself. I imagine that many of you reading this are just like me. You put everyone ahead of yourself, and at the end of the day (or year in this instance) you find yourself feeling tired and unfulfilled. It’s a habit that’s easy fall into, especially when you are a mom.

Last year I accomplished a lot. I did some incredibly fun stuff and met most of my goals both personally and professionally, but it took a toll on me. I ended 2015 feeling totally and utterly exhausted. After taking a couple of weeks off for the holidays, I sat down and made a list of simple things I can do to take better care of myself. My new partnership with goodnessknows snack squares, a brand known for it’s simple and satisfying goodness, seems like the perfect opportunity to share my ideas for little ways to take better care of yourself.

7 little ways to take better care of yourself, because you deserve it.

How often do you think about taking care of YOU? Probably not often, if at all. Well that’s all about to change. These simple self-care ideas will work seamlessly into your busy lifestyle with little effort, yet big reward. You don’t have to do them all. Just pick one or two and add a few of your own.

ways to take better care of yourself, because you deserve it:

1. Eat breakfast every day. Skipping breakfast is probably my most unhealthy habit from last year. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so even if it’s something small… eat breakfast. You’ll have more energy and improved concentration throughout the day.

2. Say “no” more often. How many times have you found yourself agreeing to something that you really didn’t have time for? If you’re a people pleaser like me, this is going to take some practice. When you lack either the time or ability to do a task correctly, you’re cheating everyone – including yourself. If something doesn’t feel good, say “no.” Sometimes the most toxic events in our day come from situations we can avoid.

3. Read something just for fun. Something that makes you laugh or tugs at your heartstrings. Lately it seems like the only time I read is on a flight, and even then it’s usually work related in some way. Last week I loaded my Kindle up with romantic mysteries to read, and have already finished the first book. A good book and a cup of tea is just what this girl needs.

7 little ways to take better care of yourself, because you deserve it.

4. Walk more. During my last doctor visit, my physician told me that I need to get more exercise. She said me that more important than dieting, I need to go for a walk every day. The healthier food choices will naturally follow suit. I love walking my dogs. Not only am I feeling better from the extra afternoon walk, they are too. Go for a walk, enjoy the scenery, get healthier and feel better in the process.

5. Get a planner. Operating in chaos causes more stress. Good time management is key to better self-care. A calendar, a planner or a to-do list can work. Just take time to develop a system and use it. I’ve started using both a planner and a to-do list, and have a feeling that being better organized is going to be key to my overall well-being in 2016.

6. Take time to breath and meditate. Sometimes all you need to restore balance in your day is to take a moment to breathe and clear your head. If you have 5 to 10 minutes to spare, meditate. Just 10 minutes of meditation can help clear stress and anxiety from your day.

7. Snack better. This should really be snack better and more often where I am concerned. I tend to go much too long without eating and then binge eat at night. A portable on-the-go snack is just what I need. goodnessknows snack squares fit perfectly into the “taking better care of myself” mindset. They are a delicious and amazingly satisfying snack that is crafted with the goodness of whole nuts, real fruits, toasted oats and dark chocolate with no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. Snacking enjoyment for anytime of the day. All good stuff.

I’m such a fan of goodnessknow. The delicious snack is divided into four adorable, snackable squares. Each serving contains 100 milligrams of naturally-occurring cocoa flavanols – the good stuff found inside cocoa beans. With a layer of yummy dark chocolate and approximately 40 calories per square, goodness snack bars are something to enjoy and feel good about.

7 little ways to take better care of yourself, because you deserve it

goodnessknows snack squares are available in three tasty flavors:

cranberry, almond, dark chocolate– Packed with roasted almonds and toasted rolled oats with a hint of natural sweetness, this combination leaves you feeling happily satisfied.

apple, almond & peanut, dark chocolate—Crunchy peanuts, toasted almonds and tangy apples are the perfect combination for snack time, a treat post-meal or during your favorite indoor or outdoor activity.

peach & cherry, almond, dark chocolate–Sweet peaches and cherries accompanied by wholesome toasted almonds and dark chocolate to create a satisfying crunch.

I love this infographic from goodnessknows and Google. It pretty well sums up the process of how to achieve your goals. Make little changes and just keep at it!

goodnessknows infographic

I hope you’ll join me in taking better care of yourself this year. What are some of your ideas for better self-care?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of goodnessknows. The opinions and text are all mine.

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