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Make the Most of Feeding Time

Make the Most of Feeding Time

There are many ways to bond with your baby even if you are not able to breast feed. Bottle feedings can be a special time for you and your infant. Learn how to make the most of feeding time with your baby.

When you have a newborn, friends and family are quick to offer opinions on feeding methods, sleep schedules, and everything in between. We all appreciate well-­intentioned advice, but sometimes all you need is affirmation that your choice matters. I think this is especially true when it comes to deciding whether you’re going to breast feed, bottle feed or supplement with formula. Everyone seems to have an opinion on this, but when it comes to feeding time “mother knows best.” I’ve partnered with Mirum and Parent’s Choice for this sponsored post to share some of my own tips to make the most of feeding time. All opinions are my own.

There are many ways to bond with your baby even if you are not able to breast feed. Bottle feedings can be a special time for you and your infant. Learn how to make the most of feeding time with your baby.

I breastfed my son for the first few months, then switched to formula when it was time for me to return to work. So many moms feel like they won’t be able to bond well with their baby if the are not breast feeding. I totally felt that at first. It becomes a lot of stress that moms don’t have to put themselves through. There are so many ways to bond with your baby even if you are not able to breast feed. It is all about making bottle feeding a special time with your baby.

Your choice matters.

Make the Most of Feeding Time

Always hold your baby. While being busy is stressful, it is always best to hold your baby and not prop up the bottle. Holding your baby during a feeding cements that bonding feeling for both of you.

Turn off the distractions. Yes, as a mom who has a lot going on, it is hard to turn off wanting to multi task. But feeding time can be such a wonderful time to connect with your baby. Put down the phone. Turn off the tv. Look into your baby’s beautiful face.

Take off your shirt. Babies thrive with skin on skin contact. That is one of the reasons babies who are breast fed have such a special bond with mom. Give your baby the skin on skin feeling that babies love. If taking off your shirt isn’t an option, try wearing a tank top or a shirt that can be lowered to provide skin on skin contact.

Follow baby’s cues. Don’t worry about if it has only been a certain amount of time since the last feeding. If baby is showing cues, like sucking on fists or rooting, when the baby is looking for a nipple, feed him or her. Feeding on demand is a great way for baby to feel like all of his needs are being met.

Talk with your baby. Babies love to hear your voice. Talk to your baby about what is going on around you or how much you love your baby. It doesn’t matter what you are talking about, just use a soft soothing voice and your baby will love it.

Sing. Most people say, but I can’t sing when someone tells them to sing to their baby. The thing is, babies do not care what it sounds like, to them, mom sounds amazing. They just love hearing your voice and they will come to recognize the songs you sing to them. You will start to see which songs babies love because baby will start to smile. Don’t worry about how you sound. If you don’t know children songs, sing your favorite song from the radio. Just like when you are talking to baby, it only matters that you are doing it. Baby will love hearing you sing.

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What tips do you have to make the most of feeding time?

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  • These are lovely way to bond with your baby. Even if you’re not breastfeeding, skin to skin contact is still important. This is a very nice guide for new moms.

  • Due to issues, I was only able to breast feed my daughter for about a week. I loved that my hubby and mom could also feed my daughter although I looked forward to 3 am feedings when it was just her and me!

  • great tips. i always suggested these when i was mentoring new moms on nursing and also with formula feeding.

  • These are great tips. I have heard this is a wonderful formula. i am passing this on to our new grandson’s mom!

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