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Making Bath Time with Baby So Much More

Making Bath Time with Baby So Much More

Making Bath Time with Baby So Much More

Most babies love bath time. When my son was a baby, bath time always brought about lots of giggles. He loved the warm water and had so much fun taking a bubble bath, playing with his bath toys, and splashing until I was soaking wet too. As much fun as bath time was, it was so much more. Bath time was a great bonding experience for us, and a chance for my baby to learn and explore the senses.

I had so much fun going through old pictures to find this one of my son in the tub. Such great bath time memories! Thanks to JOHNSON’S® and The Motherhood for working with me on this sponsored post about making bath time with baby so much more.

Making Bath Time with Baby So Much More

Bath time is such a wonderful opportunity to connect with baby. Giving our baby a bath does so much more than keeping baby clean. It’s a chance to bond with our babies while facilitating their development. Did you know that adding bubbles to your baby’s bath can help develop hand-eye coordination? It helps them discover that objects exist even when they can’t be seen, and stimulates the senses through touch and smell. Not to mention the fact that bubbles add a whole lot of fun to bath time.

Does your baby love to splash? Splash away, baby! Because it’s not only just fun… it actually teaches baby cause and effect.

Introducing bath toys is a great way to turn bath time into a mutli-sensorial playground and learning experience! When my baby boy got older, I introduced colorful foam letters to bath time. That fun time in the tub with letters was instrumental in helping him learn his ABC’s and colors.

This infographic from JOHNSON’S® shows more ways to make bath time #SoMuchMore:

The Power of Bath Time Infographic

There is some insightful information in this infographic. Did you learn something new from it?

Bath time for babies is so much more than getting clean. It’s a bonding time with Mom and Dad, and a chance for babies to use their senses to discover the world around them.

How are you making bath time with baby so much more?

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