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Making Paper Airplanes: Make Your Own Aircraft and Watch Them Fly

Making Paper Airplanes: Make Your Own Aircraft and Watch Them Fly

Do you remember making paper airplanes as a child? I remember making them over and over again, only to have them not go very far. I never quite mastered that skill. Making Paper Airplanes: Make Your Own Aircraft and Watch Them Fly is a book that provides kids the inspiration, diagrams, and instructions needed to create beautiful paper airplanes that will soar through the air. The art of making paper airplanes sure has come a long way, since I was a kid.

Making Paper Airplanes

Inside the pages of Making Paper Airplanes you’ll find over 250 full-color graphics to help you make dozens of high-flying paper airplanes. According to the book there are hundreds of different ways to build successful flying devices from paper. Kids can turn an ordinary stack of paper into their own private air force. The book shows you how to make a Stealth Bomber, Swallow Glider, and Dragon Desk Kite… just to name a few.

The book begins with a “Pre-Flight Briefing” providing all the information you’ll need to successfully create the flying airplanes and kites throughout the book. For each project, there is a page with markings showing you wear to cut and fold. You can tear out this page and use it to create the plane. The corresponding page provides detailed instructions on how to fold it up and prepare it for flight. All of the planes are bright, colorful and beautifully designed.

Making Paper Airplanes by David Woodroffe

To get maximum benefit from this book, I recommend using your copier to make copies of each design. That way you can make the same airplanes over and over again. The kids and I are loving this book. It’s fun to have each child make a different plane and see whose design can fly the highest or the farthest.

About the Author
David Woodroffe is an artist, technical illustrator, model maker, kite flyer, and paper airplane enthusiast. Although trained as an old-school illustrator using pen and paper, Dave has embraced modern technology and now creates illustrations and graphics on a computer. He lives in England.

Making Paper Airplanes by David Woodroffe

Making Paper Airplanes: Make Your Own Aircraft and Watch Them Fly by David Woodroffe was just published in November 2012. This super fun book retails for just $12.95 Paperback (US) or $14.95 Hardcover, and is available from the publisher Sky Pony Press. Amazon currently has Making Paper Airplanes available in Paperback for just $9.32.

Give a gift that will teach your kids creativity, this holiday season!

* I received a copy of the book for review. All thoughts are completely my own.

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