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Making the Most of My Busy Day

Making the Most of My Busy Day

As a busy work from home mom, I feel like it’s not possible for me to do everything that needs to be done in a 24 hour day. Should I sleep less or focus on getting more organized? Many days I am online early in the morning while the coffee is brewing and everyone else is still sleeping. Then after everyone has turned in for the night, I am back online again. During the day, we’re on the go, go, go! Finding that time in the middle to stay connected with friends and family is quite challenging. Making the most of my busy day is really important to me and using time saving tools like Skype helps me achieve my goals and stay connected.


Being a home all day with kids and dogs, I often find myself longing for adult company. Skype has opened up a whole new world for me with it’s video calling service. Sharing some face-to-face laughs with my sister in Florida, over Skype at lunch time, really helps to break up my day and brighten my mood. I’ve recently discovered that Skype has some nifty features that not only save me time, but help me stay connected with friends and family.

File Sharing
When my sister asked for our grandmother’s potato salad recipe, during our video chat, I was able to send it right over to her using Skype’s File Sharing. With Skype file sharing you can send pictures, videos and more. If you have a document that is too big to send through email, send it with Skype. This is a real nifty feature.


Skype, Facebook, and Instant Messaging
I can see all of my Facebook Friends status updates and update my own status, without ever leaving Skype. I actually prefer the format of the Facebook timeline on Skype. Using the IM feature on Skype to chat with my Facebook friends means that I don’t have to toggle back and forth between screens.

It’s convenient having all of my Skype and Facebook contacts in one place. It’s also super easy to initiate a group video call or group chat. Whether I am planning a play date or a girls night out, I can bring everyone involved into the same IM or video conversation. I work closely with other bloggers to coordinate events and having everyone on Skype makes life so much easier. Good bye phone tag and never-ending email threads! I can’t begin to tell you what a time saving convenience this feature is!


It’s time to say more and stay human. It’s time for Skype.

The very best thing about Skype is being able to see my sweet son’s face. He is all grown up now and living in a different state, so getting to see his face regularly gives me so much peace and joy. If you have adult children or young adults who are away for college, you know what I’m talking about and Skype is something that you won’t want to be without.

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My mom, Laura, and I are still working on organizing a virtual family reunion, using the Skype Premium group chat feature. We still have a few people to get set up, but are looking forward to our first ever family group video chat.

I don’t foresee the demands of my day lessening any, but thanks to the many time saving features of Skype, I am now making the most of my busy day!

How do you stay connected?

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Skype via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Skype.

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