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Making the Switch to Organic Skin Products

Making the Switch to Organic Skin Products

Making the Switch to Organic Skin Products

You may have heard or read a lot about the fact that there are many naturally occurring products, like fruits, nuts, vegetables, and oils that work as great natural skin treatments. However, you probably don’t want to shop the produce aisle of your local supermarket and mix up a new face mask for yourself. If you want to purchase pre-made products, but you want the same ingredients and benefits as those found in nature, there are many ways to easily switch from buying your regular beauty products to new ones that are natural and organic. If you aren’t sure where to start, here are some ideas to help you think about what your skin care needs are, and which organic products can help you meet them.

Making the Switch to Organic Skin Products

Thinking about Ingredients

With so many different types of products on the market for beauty and skin, especially so many that promote the use of natural ingredients, it can be difficult to know which ones to choose. Many products have a long list of ingredients on the back, so one thing to consider is that, the shorter the list of ingredients, the more simple and natural the product is likely to be? A few natural ingredients with great benefits for your skin include shea butter, jojoba, and coconut oil. A big natural ingredient in many moisturizers is shea butter. Derived from the African shea tree nut, shea butter has nutrients like Vitamin A, has been used for multiple skin problems like stretch marks and burns, and also works as a great moisturizer for skin, according to Discovery Fit and Health. Many organic skin care products use shea butter in moisturizers and lotions, so keep an eye out for this ingredient. Another natural ingredient that works to sooth your skin is jojoba, a shrub from which the oil and wax of its seeds can be used as an emollient for your skin, according to WebMD. Another ingredient you might see in organic skin care products is coconut oil. This is a natural ingredient that is great for skin, and has other uses, such as diaper cream and massage oil, according to the Huffington Post.

Types of Skin Products

Shopping for organic skin care doesn’t just mean face wash and moisturizer. You can also find organic shampoo and conditioner, toothpaste, and even bug spray to keep annoying insects away in the warmer months. While you might think mostly about lotions and skin creams when you shop for organic products, take a look at other types of skin care products that also contain organic ingredients. Some other products you may not have considered switching to in organic form are hand soap, hand sanitizer, and sunscreen. Once you find ingredients you love and products that contain them, you can move beyond basic skin care into making organic choices for everything you put on your skin every day.

The idea of switching to organic products might be daunting for many people, but that may be because you aren’t sure what to use or what ingredients work best. Start simply, but choose products with natural moisturizers like jojoba butter or shea butter, and then branch into other types of care for your skin when you’re comfortable. A good way to find other products is to look at the moisturizers in the first natural brands you used and look for them in the new products you’re considering. Many lines that carry some organic products also have many other types of products for beauty and skin, so you probably can use the place you started as a great resource to find an entire line of products that will help you keep your ingredients organic and natural.

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