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Manage Your Child’s Asthma with the Help of Spiro PD

Manage Your Child’s Asthma with the Help of Spiro PD

As a mom, I know how scary it can be when your child is sick. Having a child with Asthma can be downright terrifying at times. It can be so difficult to recognize the triggers and symptoms of your child’s asthma. You can now better manage your child’s asthma with the help of Spiro PD, the worlds first personal spirometer. Spiro PD empowers parents to monitor their child’s lung function anytime and anywhere.

Why is this important? The easy to use spirometer will alert parents to their child’s declining lung function before their child experiences any symptoms. The early detection will help to prevent asthma attacks, trips to the emergency room and the risk of over medicating your child.

How it works. Spiro PD is extremely easy to use and understand with it’s intuitive color touch screen. At a glance a parent will know the severity level of their child’s condition, by viewing the color coded severity levels on the screen. It helps to pinpoint triggers, so there is no more guessing. Spiro PD also has a medication manager that reminds busy parents when it is time to dispense medications. The built in real time stamp allows parents to view a history of their child’s medication and lung function over time. The information collected by the Spiro PD can also be uploaded to a computer with a USB cable and then emailed directly to your child’s doctor.

Knowing your child’s asthma triggers and the ability for early detection of asthma attacks would surely give parents real peace of mind.

PMD Healthcare is offering free live webinars designed to educate and inspire people with asthma or other lung diseases. For more information on Spiro PD or free educational webinars, please visit You can also keep in touch with Spiro PD on Facebook and Twitter.

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