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We got matching family Christmas pajamas this year!

We got matching family Christmas pajamas this year!

Personalized Christmas Pajamas for the Family from Chasing Fireflies

As all children do, the kids in my family are getting older – at what seems to be lightning fast speed. Noticing this progression more than anyone is my mom, Grandma Laura. I think if she had it her way, these kids would never grow up. Luckily, the magic of the holiday season has a way of making us all like little children. We thought it would be fun to capture some child-like memories by all wearing matching family Christmas pajamas this year. Chasing Fireflies graciously offered to provide us with personalized family pajamas, personalized Santa hats, and personalized ornaments this holiday season.

Personalized Christmas Pajamas for the Family from Chasing Fireflies

You might think it’s kinda cheesy, but I think every family needs at least one photo in matching Christmas pajamas. Christmas Eve and Christmas morning are going to be so much fun, as all of the family gathers in our matching Christmas jammies.

We selected the Adults Vintage Santa Pjs, along with the matching children’s pajamas. My brother and his family, Granny Debbie, and Grandma Laura are all getting into the fun. Yes, I know that I am not in these pictures. Who do you think took these amazing photographs? I am so excited that my son will be home for Christmas, so I ordered some matching pajamas from Chasing Fireflies for us to wear this Christmas too. I’ll have to share some of those pictures with you after his Christmas visit.

Chasing Fireflies has the most wonderful selection of Personalized Pjs and Tees for the whole family. They’ve got everyone covered – babies, children, teens, moms, dads, and grandparents. They even have a Santa’s Little Helper Cape for your family dog!

Personalized Christmas Pajamas for Teens from Chasing Fireflies

This picture of the kids with Grandma Laura and Granny Debbie might just be my favorite of them all. It just makes me smile. We’re such a family of goofballs.

Personalized Family PJs from Chasing Fireflies

We have a tradtion of getting a few special Christmas ornaments each year. The kids are absolutely loving their new personalized ornaments from Chasing Fireflies. Each ornament is beautifully hand painted and includes the child’s name and year on the back.

Personalized Christmas Ornaments from Chasing Fireflies

Maddie chose the Personalized Santa’s Helper Ornament.

Personalized Christmas Ornaments from Chasing Fireflies

Nathaniel’s Personalized Snowman Ornament is absolutely adorable!

Personalized Christmas Ornaments from Chasing Fireflies

I love the whimsical look of Rebecca’s Personalized Dear Santa Ornament.

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Personalized Christmas Ornaments from Chasing Fireflies

The girls couldn’t be any cuter in their Kids Vintage Santa Pjs and Personalized Santa Hats.

Personalized Christmas Pajamas from Chasing Fireflies

We’ll all be super comfy and warm in our new Christmas Pjs this year. The pajamas are so soft and very well made. They are sure to last us through the winter, and until Christmas next year.

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The holiday season is all about making new memories with loved ones. I think we’ve got that covered.

We wish you and your family a magical holiday season!
Angela and Laura xo

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