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Mother and Son Trip to Disney

Mother and Son Trip to Disney

The teen years really put a strain on my relationship with my son, Sid. When he turned 18, I decided that a mini vacation to Disney, just the two of us, was what we needed. We went to Orlando, Florida for a fun-filled three day weekend. 
I got us a great deal at the All Star Sports Resort. I love staying at a Disney hotel, because it is so convenient having

transportation provided to and from the parks. We can just park the car and leave it for the whole vacation. Also, the food court at the All Star Sports Resort was great and super convenient for us.

For this trip we got 3 day park hopper passes and split our time between the Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park. Neither of us can choose a favorite park, because we love so much about each one. One of our favorite rides has always been Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. We had so much fun, going on it several times. It really brings out mom’s competitive nature. Space Mountain and the Mad Tea Party were a must for us in the Magic Kingdom. Sid and I have always loved going on roller coasters together, so the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was one of our first to go on. It was also a lot of fun staying after dark to watch the lighted Main Street Electrical Parade and Fantasy in the Sky Fireworks display. Both were a truly magical ending to the day.
This was our first trip to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park. The highlight of our trip was probably Dinosaur. It was so amazing! I cannot believe how life-like and scary the Dinosaurs were. Expedition Everest was by far one of the best roller coaster rides we have been on.
Sid and I agree that our favorite Disney theme park is Epcot. We both love to eat and really enjoyed trying different foods at each of the 11 counties we visited. Epcot also has some amazing rides like Test Track and Soarin’. My absolute favorite Disney attraction has to be Soarin’! I could ride it over and over again. I really feel like I am hang-gliding over beautiful California. You smell all the scents and feel the wind on your face while gliding along. Disney has done a remarkable job making this feel so real.        
We ate twice at our favorite Magic Kingdom restaurant, Crystal Palace. The buffet is delicious with so much variety and who wouldn’t want to dine with Winnie the Pooh characters. I wish there was a Crystal Palace restaurant in our town!    
The best part about this trip was having quality time together. We got to have a lot of fun and were each able to let our guard down. It was a great opportunity for us to talk about things that sometimes get pushed by the wayside during our busy day to day lives. The magic of Disney really did something wonderful for our relationship! I recommend a mother and son/daughter trip like this to every mom of teens.  
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