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My Favorite Jewelry for Valentine’s Day

My Favorite Jewelry for Valentine’s Day

Jewelry for Valentine's Day

I am such a sucker for jewelry. A little bling makes my heart pitter patter. For holidays and special occasions, I don’t want something that I need. I’ll buy my own vacuum… thank you very much! Rather, I want something that I don’t need and what girl doesn’t want a beautiful piece of  jewelry for Valentine’s Day. Right?

I’ve been browsing the Kranich’s Jewelers online store, and lets just say that I found A LOT that I like. Pictured below are some of my favorite pics for Valentine’s Day. As you can see my style is pretty classic, but there are many more contemporary options available. Valentine’s Day jewelry doesn’t have to be all about hearts, but I still love a classic diamond heart pendant.

Jewelry for Valentine's Day

All of my favorite’s pictured are more affordable options, but Kranich’s also has many higher end pieces available. You can see all of Kranich’s jewelry here. Are you worried that the boyfriend or hubby is going to show up with a blender on Valentine’s Day? You might want to visit Kranich’s online store, pick out your favorite piece of jewelry for Valentine’s Day, and just happen to leave it open on his computer. If that doesn’t work, just do like me and buy it for yourself!

Kranich’s Jewelers has been in business since 1903, so they definitely know the business of jewelry. They have several store locations in Pennsylvania, if you want to stop in sometime. But if you’re out of the area like me, you can still shop the online jewelry collection. They offer a fabulous variety of jewelry at varying price points, including: rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, charms, estate jewelry, and much more. You’ll even find collections by top designers like Gabriel & Co.

Do you think you’ll be getting any bling this Valentine’s Day?

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Disclosure: Kranich’s Jewelers is providing me with a piece of jewelry.

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